A Practice Test!

A little present for you all, considering your great work: I updated a little Practice Test I designed in 2010 I think, based on what people learn in the first term of an elementary course! Please, post your results on this page, or let me know! It won’t affect your marks, OK?😀😀😀😉

Do not fear exams: when you learn, you can pass them. Just check if this is true with this one!


Martha’s Roast Chicken! & Dec 22: World Food Afternoon at our School

heart-of-vegetables-world-food-dayToday we had a few people visiting — mostly to hand in Listening Logs. But one of our visiting students was Martha, from 1ºB, who came with a present for me: a roast /roasted chicken! You see, Martha has just opened a chicken rotisserie, so apart from giving me a present, she wanted me to tell her what I thought /zot/ about her cooking.

1ºB joked /joukt/ about trying the chicken, so I informed everybody of something I forgot to tell you all! That on the 22nd of December we have a special community day at our School: World Food Afternoon!! Students and teachers in this School will bring dishes they made, to share! So I invited Martha to join us with her ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS ROAST CHICKEN! And also to bring cards so that people learn about WHERE her rotisserie is!

Martha, your roast chicken is really TASTY. Its taste is different. The taste of spices is mild, lovely! You can also taste the wood, yes! And the chicken is not flooded /fládid/ in grease and water, like when you buy it in mainstream rotisseries. So congratulations!❤

My partner and I agree on this evaluation! But we also have some feedback. The container doesn’t have a map showing WHERE the rotisserie is! Or a phone number or an address! This is terrible because when people like a meal if they can’t see the name of the place, or find contact information, they forget about it. So please, order paper covers with that information, or include a card or something! The other thing is getting your rostisserie on the internet. A lot of people check the internet to find what they need.

We wish you BEST OF LUCK in your new adventure, Martha! May you find lots of adorable lifelong customers! People, organize an action: go to Martha’s rotisserie one day to get chickens for your families!😀❤ It’ll be fun and you’ll support an entrepreneur and a classmate!❤ Well, I’m sure you have already thought about this! KNOWING YOU ALL!❤

Well, I hope you all join us on the 22nd. Librada, in 1ºsemi is going to cook a special (and secret) traditional recipe /ré-si-pi/ of one of the towns in Andalucía: sweet potato pies (“empanadillas” in Spanish, small pies in the shape of a half circle)! Martha will bring one of her chickens! Anyone else?

I don’t know the time. But I suppose it will be between four and eight, at some time! Please, check on the second floor, on the DACE bulletin board, OK?

Info on the C1 Resource Pack


Message for 1ºC

Dear students,

NEXT WEEK YOU DON’T HAVE A SINGLE LESSON!!! I don’t like this idea. Please, don’t stop listening to English every day. Next Thursday we’ll agree on the work you can do, so that you work on your English next week, OK?

Next day we need to listen to everybody doing Talking about Myself, and then we’ll work together on 3B, so that you can prepare the dialogue, too, along with Describing people in pictures.

Please, keep listening to English every day, for a total of 30 minutes: old audios and the new ones, including those in 3A, Useful Classroom Language, Nationalities… and Describing a friend too.

This is dedicated to Nansi. I promise I won’t mix them up anymore!!❤


About today’s and tomorrow’s lessons!

Well, today we did not work with the textbook. As we did most of 3A last week, students will finish the rest, including back pages, for next day.

We listened to two of my monologues and reviewed Occupations. It was fun!

So their homework today and this week is to learn the monologue Talking about Myself, with minimal adaptations. And then learn Describing people in photos. You don’t have to learn Describing a friend, but you have to listen to it as much as you can.

Don’t learn routines yet, because that’s for unit 4!!!! SORRY about the mix-up!❤

Remember I’m collecting your listening logs this week. If you can’t make it to class, please leave it with the janitor by the end of this month, not in December. The school opens every day from 15.00 to 22.00.

Kind regards!

Básicos, I made a mistake about the audios!!!

Dear all,

Os dije que empezarais a escuchar rutinas, pero me salté la consolidación de Hollywood Stars y ampliación! Incluidlos los 5 esta semana, y decidimos cuál va antes la semana que viene!

I told you to prepare routines, but I forgot about the previous audios!!! They are  follow-up work to the monologues on Hollywood stars! Descriptions!

Can you please include them in your listening work? You need to learn to talk about yourself and describe people. This comes first, OK?

Sorry about the mistake. Listen to these 5 monologues every day and next week we can decide which to do first! Bring your suggestions!

And of course, if you want to learn one for next week, that’d be ORGASMIC!❤


Languages in Spain

I’m sharing with you a “ficha” (card) I wrote /rout/ about this topic (as someone who reads linguistics, too). It’s included in the C1 Resource Pack that we are trying to publish this year! I hope you like it!