Evaluación del profesorado

Dear students,

Today I received the evaluation you did of my work. Thanks for taking part.

It’s a pity we don’t do this at the end of the course, when you’ve worked on your Writing File and done your Spring Test! But I’m glad you have this positive impression of my work. Thanks. ❤

Here are the results, in case you want to comment!

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Today in 1ºC

Today was a really intense day at 1ºC.

I asked about some people who have not shared their work this month, because I don’t want them to drop out. I hope they can bring their Listening Logs and do their orals this week. Or get in touch to ask if they can do so next week. But if I don’t hear from them this week (on Friday I’ll give people their pass marks), then they’ll drop out of Evaluación continua, and will have to pass the spring test or come in June.

Aurora rang to say good-bye. She has to take care of her daughter, who is very ill, and has to quit the activity she loves — learning English! She’s been one of the most positive and ever-learning students. But I’m sure I can do an “adaptación curricular” for her case, so she can have her pass mark for Elementary, in case she ever wants to come back. ❤ I have designed a beautiful exam for after the spring holidays, and I want her to do it because I want her to see how possible it is to find an exam interesting and fun!

Salva told us he’s got an illness. But he’s kind and strong, and a very positive person too. And he is going to fight his illness, like a peace-ling! ❤

I asked about some other people not coming to class these days. And our two younger men, Dani and Sergio, have found jobs. But I hope they can share the minimums so that they can have Primero, in case they have more time for this next year. If you can’t come or do the minimums, maybe you want to cancel your registration, so you keep your opportunities for exams in the future. (darse de baja ya para que no corra la convocatoria) You need to go to the School Office to ask as soon as possible. ❤

Ana wrote to say she found a job, too, and she’s going to cancel her registration to do Primero next year, or when she finds more time. ❤

On the other hand, we had a beautiful present by Gema. She told us the Shrek movie story!! It was fun! And her English was amazing!! ❤ Thanks so much!

And María told us a creepy story about a memorable night out! Hahaha… OMG! ❤

We also had a lovely lesson. But we were a bit sensitive, with all the news. But we also love each other a lot, so we had some fun!

So the group is really small now: Nansi, Brisa, Ramón, Salva and our three adorable teenagers: María, Irene, and Martina, who keep missing lessons because of exams! But I’m sure they can keep up the minimums and pass this year, so, girls, go for it!

Javiiiiiiii, toy pedooooooo!

Holly Molly!!! The beer you gave me is powerful!!! I’m totally drunk!!!!! Just with three sips!!!

So here goes: if you want a beer that gets people drunk FAST, this is your beer. If I compare it to Duvel, which is one of the Belgian beers I simply love, the taste for me is more like licorice (regaliz) in this one, I mean, I prefer Duvel, it is less obvious, but it still tastes like Belgian beer, of course — lovely.

I checked and it’s got a 12% alcohol, and Duvel has an 8,5%, so it’s logical I’m definitely drunk — I’m VERY sensitive to drugs, you see! 😀 You give me two “cañas”, Spanish pils, and I’m in orbit! But this is definetly efficient in terms of gettting drunk! My partner says it’s got the same percentage as wine. I bet you know that. So that’s why!

Hey, I checked something. When I was in Belgium, I had a supergalactic experience when drinking a Triple Westmalle, because I drank it as a pils, but it’s stronger, so my body separated from my mind and I flew over the scenes. Well, I can’t tell you about that, but I just looked it up on wikinpedia and it says Triples has a 9.5%. So again, here you go! The beer you gave me is just like wine!!! I mean, in terms of getting people drunk!

(See how useful English teachers can be???)

Anyway, I don’t feel super comfortable with presents, but if you have lots of beers to give away, I can accept one! (Demented laughter)

Lah, lah, laaaaah, lee, loh, leee! Asturiaaaas!

Last week Evaluación Continua Second Term

This week:

  • Your listening logs (no possible extension of the deadline)
  • A monologue in the past (e.g. My Day Yesterday)
  • Questions and Answers in the past

See link below for Q&A in the past, and Audioweb for mons.

In 1ºB we’ll also review how to answer reading comprehension questions in exams (your homework in 7A about the bios). 1ºC did this last week.

People who dropout of Evaluación Continua but who have been in Evaluación Continua until now, can catch up after the Spring Holiday, by passing the Practice Test I’ll give.

People who are not in Evaluación Continua can come to class, they can take the Spring Practice Test, but they have to come in June to do their final (two days, one for the oral and another for the listening/reading/writing tests).

New Copy of the Speaking File checklist!

Dear students,

Sorry about the Speaking File. I have uploaded the FINAL VERSION. It’s 3 pages, but you can print the two first ones.

If you find mistakes, let me know! Thanks! ❤

It’s here: https://blogforbasico1.wordpress.com/speaking-file/

Your Attention, Please! (1ºC, 1ºB)

The audio called Winter Holidays is too difficult for you all! It’s more for Básico 2, so I’m going to record this episode this week, look:


Listen to the audio!!! – temporary setting, OK? Click here to listen:

Record and upload audio >>

Today 5 people came to 1ºC! I couldn’t believe it! We had an amazing lesson, anyway! I hope I can create a webpage on talkingpeople.net with the pics!

About unit 7

So many people are missing lessons lately that it’s very difficult to manage /mánich/ the plans! So here is what all of you can do:

Read the stories in 7A and 7B and answer the questions.

And then, listen to all the audios I have on Audioweb multilingüe, but just for listening, OK? To learn to pronounce and understand a bit.

Read my previous /prívies/ post: This week


Poetry Day

2016-17 C1 Course

Education for Equality has just published a post and a dossier on Rosario Castellanos, in Spanish, for people interested in helping us redirect human knowledge and culture to less unfair situations, such as the one we’ve had to bear for centuries. Links to more resources are included (Lorena, also to a publication by Milenta)

Feel free to spread the word!


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