Last week in October!!! Finishing Unit 1 & Listening Diaries. Reu M/Padres

Evaluación continua:

  • This week you need to hand in A COPY of your October Listening Log. You cannot do that in November. You can do it this week, any day.
  • You need to do the orals, too.

In class, Lesson Plans:

  • Small Groups will check your work in the Grammar Bank, speaking English!
  • YOur questions or more exercises in unit 1.
  • And we’ll listen to more orals.

Personas Menores: Tengo que daros una carta para padres y madres para una reunión conmigo la semana que viene, vale? Es la reu que hacemos para presentarnos! Por favor, acordados de llevárosla!

Esta reunión será a las 9.15 de la noche, creo. Ya os lo pongo en la carta.

End-of-course Celebration of Knowledge Oral, by Adriana (2015-16)

Sorry for the delay!! /di-lei/

Videos! OMG!!!

Oh my gosh/god!! I forgot to edit two videos last year! OK, then, I’ll start with that. Sorry to Adriana (mon “Celebration of Learning”) and Layla (mon “Describing a Park”) for forgetting!❤❤❤

Miguel and Elena, please, remember to fill in the form to give me permission to publish your wonderful performance! Tell me, are the phone numbers and addresses real or fictional? See you in class!

Listening Diary this week

You need to listen to old audios on the Audioweb Multilingüe, e.g. ABC, and also to audios you are learning gradually, like Useful Classroom Language, Days-n-Dates and Countries, Nationalities and Languages.

You need to review audios in 1A-1C, particularly the audios you learned, numbers, questions, vocabulary bank, or dialogues like 1.29 (?), Asking for and Giving Personal Information, but also the audios for the Grammar Bank (which we will correct this week).

You need to listen to new audios, like the audios in Practical English AFTER we hear them in class! (Dialogue Checking In, and Monologues on Rob and Jenny).

Enjoy your English!❤

Please, a little help!

Help us spread /spred/ these ideas, if you agree!❤

Ayudanos a difundir estas ideas si estáis de acuerdo❤


Hi there, dear all!

Remember, for next Thursday (1ºC), or Monday (1ºB), the dialogue of the conversation where the man fills in the form for a new student from Brazil. We’ll call it “Giving Info” or something like that!

Plus the audios of the Grammar Banks. Do the exercises if you like, too. We’ll check them in Small Groups and then at Plenary!

Then continue listening to the audios from 1A-1C and my audios, especially Useful Classroom Language and Nationalities…

Don’t do the Practical English section. We’ll do that together in class after your orals.

Get well, baby!

Salvador’s baby grandson is ill. (Salvador is a 1ºC student.)

Get well soon, baby!❤