Updated Speaking File! y notas

Ya os podéis bajar la versión actualizada del Speaking File Checklist, para que pongáis un tick a lo que habéis hecho y trabajado ya. La dejo en Word por si queréis añadir cosas, aunque tb vale a mano. Fijaos que primero van todos los diálogos del curso y luego todos los monólogos del curso. A veces he anotado la unidad o el mes por el que iríamos.

La semana que viene, el lunes y martes, diré quién está en Evaluación Continua, aunque ya lo sabéis, por si hubiera algún error que tuviera que subsanar.


THIS WEEK. Are you ready for your orals?

Tomorrow there’s class, OK? I’m back! (Mañana hay clase, vale? He vuelto!)

Thanks for your kind and encouraging messages! I truly appreciate! ❤
… vuestros mensajes cariñosos de aliento. Me vinieron muy bien! / Gracias de corazón!

There’s class for 1ºB this Wednesday (tomorrow) and there’s class for 1ºC in two days (dentro de dos días), meaning (esto es) this Thursday.

And for 1ºA semi, as (como…) these adorable students missed (se quedaron sin) yesterday’s once-a-week lesson and couldn’t do their orals, on the platform I offered them the chance to come to class next Thursday too, to do their orals. (You see, on Thursdays I work on the platform so we don’t have face-to-face lessons, but I can catch up on that throughout the week.)

Well, big hug to all! ❤

PS: We’ll also have Tutoría at 9.00 as scheduled, for the people who booked!


Dear students 🌿

Our brother  (my brother in law) died  yesterday peacefully. Today is the wake and the burial. We’re very Sad but OK. I don’t think I’ll be back to class until Wednesday.

please, continue  with our plan! Your mission  this year  is to learn to speak and understand at the elementary level and you ‘re on your way! 🚼🏄🏊🏽🚣🏽

big hug ❤️

news &4 your English

2017-18 C1 Course by MF

hi there¡

thanks for your support ❤️ I’ll reply when i’m back

Here is an audio reading on being in coma. A teacher is a teacher is a teacher… 😚


Our case is lack of oxygen yo the Barinas and únenos no reasons for the coma

sorry for my clumsy tapping!


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I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for Tutoría today. At 22.30 I have a meeting! A friend is coming to stay in our home because we have a cat. My friend is going to cat-sit! (babysit – well, cat-sit!)

Have a lovely bilingual time! ❤

About next week…

Dear students,

I’m sorry to say that next week I’ll be in Galicia. I’m leaving this Friday morning. My partner’s brother is in comma and we need to be there. I’m sorry!

I’ll take your listening diaries to do some work on that.

Please, continue listening to English and finishing Unit 3C, OK?, including back pages! ❤ We’re a team, and life goes on! ❤

(Y para la gente que no me los haya dado hasta mañana (voy mañana por la tarde, podéis pasar por clase), ya me los dais en la segunda semana de diciembre, pero espero que sea muy pocas personas, no?)

Big hug

What an intense and beautiful day!

Dear students in 1ºC!

Raquel, in 1º semipresencial, is a professional cook. She makes cakes. She works in a bakery in Málaga, called christian. She is a fantastic cook! Today she brought /brot/ the cakes I offered /óferd/ you! I loved /lavd/ the typical Málaga cake. What was its name? Something like “churricasco” or “mochuelo”? A warm thank you for Raquel from us all! ❤

Antonio, in 1º semipresencial, brought special chocolates, with liquor and a cherry inside! Why? Because last Friday was his birthday! So a big thank you for him, too! ❤

Then Lola fixed my basket!! It is perfect now! I can’t believe it! I’m really happy about it! ❤ It was a present by my friend Marie, from Belgium, a Belgian, and she brought it from Africa, so I was a bit sad about my basket! But now, I’m really happy about it! Thanks, Lola! ❤

Ana came back from her trip, and recommended /rikomendid/ a new kind of beer! 😀 ❤

Today we had listening exam practice, and I was very critical with people’s insecurity or fear, as usual! It’s true I get nervous when I see you suffer. It’s the problem with empathy! But you see, I believe that you can learn happily and effectively! So — We need to be patient and to be courageous! We need to work together! And you are very good at that! ❤ You are a very supportive group! Today you were so wonderful! As a group and as individuals! Thank you for staying until we finished the Reading! You were kind and generous!

A big big hug for you all!! ❤