About racism in Britain

Victoria, an English student now in Básico 2, sent me this very interesting message for you all! Do you understand it?

Hi Michelle! How are you? I hope you are fine.

My Swedish cousin shared this on Facebook and I liked it. I thought that it is easy to read for Elementary students. And I also think it teaches a
valuable lesson.

Have a nice and relaxed summer!

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About the days of the week & more language matters!

As I promised, I tried to remember the whole story. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you much!! Now I remember why I don’t know. Because it’s very difficult to know about this topic! A lot of people write about this topic, but they don’t know either. So it’s complicated! I’ll try to find books where I can find more info.

The Days of the Week

In Ancient Greece /einshent griis/ people had gods and they decided to name five planets and the days week after the gods, plus the sun and the moon. The planets were Ares (Mars), Hermes (Mercury), Zeus (Jupiter), Aphrodite (Venus), and Cronus (Saturn).

Then the Romans came and adapted those names/gods and goddesses to Latin names: Sun (then Christians called it Domingo, from Dominus, Day of the Lord), Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn (then Jews called it Sabbath).

Then people everywhere liked it!

In English, a Germanic language, they “translated” into Germanic mythology some (*):
Sun’s Day = Sunday
Moon’s Day = Monday
*Tyr’s Day = Tuesday
*Wodan’s Day = Wednesday
*Thor’s Day = Thursday
*Freya’s Day = Friday
Saturn’s Day = Saturday

One last thing: Probably, “Germanic” is not what you think! English is a Germanic language. Which are the Germanic languages? English, German, Flemish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic (more on this)

What about Spanish? Spanish is a Romance language. Romance languages are: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Asturian, Aragonese…; Portuguese – Brazilian, French, Italian, Romanian (more on this)

Germanic languages and Romance languages are Indo-European languages…

Basque has no family! It’s amazing. It’s a mystery!❤ (see list of languages with no family so far)

Tutorías and emails to teacher!

Dear students,

My day to check out my email account is Friday, OK? Anyway, I check out my account in the evenings almost every day from Monday to Friday.

I don’t check out my email account at the weekend. You can send me emails, but I won’t read them until I start work.


My face-to-face Tutoría time is Monday and Tuesday after 21.20 but you need to book a date before (send me an email).

My time for electronic Tutorías is on Friday afternoon.

Example: If you want to book for Monday evening, and you send me an email the Sunday before, or that Monday morning, I won’t have time to read it. If you want to book for Monday evening, the latest to send me the email is Friday at lunchtime. Not the weekend, not on Monday morning. Do you see what I mean?

What are Tutorías? Tutorías no son clases particulares. Son sesiones donde se consulta algo personal o se informa de algo personal. Puedo dar orientaciones frente a problemas de aprendizaje también, pero no explicar la lección. Tutoría se usa, por tanto, poco, porque además recomendamos que las preguntas sobre cómo aprender y estudiar se hagan en clase, para que la respuesta le sirva a más gente.❤

A story against the animal cruelty in hunting, “The Magic Finger” by Roald Dahl

Roald_Dahl_-_The_Magic_Finger (pdf)

Music: Bobby McFerrin

Go for it!! (Three audios, hasta sabértelos!)

A por ello!

Listen to English EVERY DAY, OK? You are going to learn A LOT!!❤ Write it down in your Listening Log. Don’t forget!

Listen to the vowels, the ABC and then learn the dialogue Meeting People. Minimum: spelling your names using questions and answers.

Post your questions here, if you have problems with something.

Have a lovely bilingual week!


Welcome to Básico 1, Elementary!

  • Hello! My name’s Michelle. I am your teacher.
  • What’s your name?
  • My name is…
  • You are Elementary English students!
  • I am an Elementary English student.
  • I study English. I’m an Elementary student.
  • Do you know the vowels in Spanish/English?
  • Learn the ABC!

And if you are a semipresencial student, do your online homework! (I’ll give you a handout)