In case you like stories

Dear students,

On my winter holidays I learned to make ebooks, with a little help from Atticus, and I published my first ebook of stories, “La saltadora. Relatos feministas”. The problem is that it is in Spanish! If you have an ebook reader, send me an email and I will send you the link. I also have a pdf copy. Reading this book is not something you write down on your Eval Sheet, right?! 😀 ❤ It won’t count, in any way! It’s just a present because I’m very fond of you all! ❤

Very soon, we are going to publish a second ebook, in English, with stories from different English teachers. I’ll announce it here. It was a collection of stories I told in class, but then I decided to invite other teachers to join in! Unfortunately, most only sent two stories. But that’s a beginning! ❤ This ebook is called “Stories from My Teacher. On the English Language, Lifelong Learning and Our r-evoL.ution!”


6 responses to “In case you like stories

  1. Hello Michelle

    I’m interested.

    Thank you!

    2015-01-14 4:35 GMT+01:00 “Michelle’s 2014-15 Blog for Elementary students


  2. OK! 🙂

    I deleted your family name and your email because I can see your email on my control panel, OK? In this way, you don’t publish personal information on the internet.

    People, you can do this if you are posting with the email you want me to use, or you can send me a private email, too.


  3. Hello Michelle!!!
    I am David. I want to have your second book. Can you send me by mail?
    Thank you very much!!
    (You have my mail, haven’t you??


  4. Hello Michelle!
    I like your stories.
    You can send your story?
    Sorry for mistakes.
    Thank you!
    Loli –


  5. OK, David! Great! It’s not published yet! But I may finish it over the weekend, or next week! I’ll keep you posted!

    Language tip: Can you send IT to me…?

    Great English!


  6. Loli! Hiya! Great! ❤ I’ll send it to you by email right now.
    No apologies! But congratulations for your message. You are communicating in English!
    An important correction: Can you send…? for questions, remember? AUX + S + V…? (The verb "to be" is about inversion. Do you know what I mean?)

    Language Tips:
    Can you send ME your storIES?
    Sorry for MY mistakes


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