Lesson Plan for Jan 14 & Jan 15

Read out the transcript 2.35 (listening on dialogue on photos)

Practice/Practise the dialogues about people in photos:

  • Who’s that/this? That’s … This is …
  • Who is it? It’s …
  • What does he/she do? He/She is A/AN…
  • Where is he/she from? He/She is from (country) / He/She is (nationality)
  • Where are you? I am… / We are…
  • What ARE you DOING? (present continuous) I am ….-ing … / We are …-ing …
  • Are you interested in celebrities?Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.
  • Why? Because (celebrities are interesting!)
  • Why not? Because I don’t like gossip!

Nico’s Day – Daily routines, page 30-31: Reading aloud +Practicing/Practising sentences for your MONOLOGUE on daily routines. (See Training for speaking exams: monologues…)

NOTE: We’ll check the rest of the exercises in 4A and 4B next week in Small Groups (mission: finish checking 4A and 4B), while you come to me for your ORALS. The Orals will be: a dialogue on photos, and a monologue on your daily routines.

HOMEWORK: Prepare your monologue on your daily routines, using the present simple, frequency adverbs and time phrases. Try to include a Saxon Genitive.



3 responses to “Lesson Plan for Jan 14 & Jan 15

  1. Michelle have a question about the dialogue 2.35. When she says is Richard’s mother/father.. I have difficulty in listening to “Richard’s”😒


  2. It’s British pronunciation?


  3. Hi there!
    No, ending s’s are not about US American English and British English.
    It’s more about linking words (cómo unimos las palabras al hablar de forma natural). Try and hear this: “Richard” + then the “s” starting the next word, and tell me in class tomorrow!
    Language tip: Is it British pronunciation?

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