Lesson Plan for 26th/28th & 27th/30th of January

We’ll start checking together ex. 3 (reading and listening) – write down your results. Pages 30, 31 – I’ll explain Speaking Cards and Listening Strategies based on your work on the Communication exercise.

Then Small groups check pending homework:

  • From 4A: Gr Bank 4A, Voc B Family (p. 155)
  • From 4B: Voc Bank Everyday Activities (p. 156)
  • ex. 1 and 2, p. 30, and ex. 4 p. 31 + Gr Bank 4B
  • Then practice the dialogue on Routines, p. 31 Questions and Answers in the Speaking and Writing exercise.


  • mon: your routines (daily or weekly), and extras: talking about myself, talking about people in photos.
  • dial: Q&A on routines (p. 31)


Homework: listen to my four monologues and practice your own + p. 32 + Gr Bank 4C


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