January Listening Diaries

January – deadline to hand in your January Listening Diaries: first week of February (Jan 2-6).

Next week I’ll collect your Listening Diaries for January. You can also hand in your listening diary during your winter holidays (2nd half of December).

You can hand in the Evaluation Sheet for unit 4 on the same day we do p. 34-5 (checking p. 34 and doing on the Reading and Listening Tests in the unit. Remember: you can do p. 34 at home before this day, but don’t do p. 35 at home. Do it in class on the day I announce).

I’m impressed with the monologues I’ve heard so far.
Estoy impresionada con los monólogos que he escuchado hasta el momento.

Keep up the good work!  ❤
A seguir con ese gran trabajo! ❤


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