Lesson Plan for Today and Tomorrow (Feb 11, 12)

Some groups are behind, but we’ll catch up or do what we manage.
Algún grupo se quedó sin terminar lo del otro día, pero intentaremos hacer lo pendiente y lo de este día, hasta donde

  • Hand in your Writing for Unit 4, please
  • L&R recording / Dialogues on Routines
  • Unit 5a: checking the Gr Bank, doing the Reading on page 37, doing the survey in the Speaking exercise on page 37, in pairs.
  • New Speaking Card: Describing Pictures – The Park. Listen and understand, listen and learn to speak. This exercise is an introduction to the present continuous. Check out this post for some more info: How verbs combine!

HOMEWORK: do page 38 and the first column of page 39, including the back pages. Listen to all the audios in unit 5 (and you can listen more: to my podcast episodes and to previous units). Listen to the monologue Describing a Picture.


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