New orals (5C)

3.10 can be used to learn to speak about the weather:

  1. Reading aloud Test (listen and stop and repeat after each sentence, till you develop the perfect intonation and pronunciation!)
  2. Monologues: Using this audio, select sentences to speak about the weather in London. (Mon. 3.10)
  3. Mon. 3.10 adapted: adapt this text to the village/town/city where you live.

If you have no pending orals, you can do the orals you have been preparing at home in these next two weeks:

  • Describing people in a photo: saying basic things about different people (present simple) and also about what they are wearing (present cont.) plus where you are and what you are doing.
  • Describing the photo of the park: using the present continuous, the “There is/are … (doING) something” structures.

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