Talking about the weather

What’s the weather like (today)? (special structure, I’ll explain in class one day)

Listen here: but remember to download it! (it’s on vocaroo, not on talking

  • It’s sunny.
  • It’s a lovely sunny day!
  • It’s foggy. Don’t ride your bike, please.
  • It’s windy!! Be careful when you drive.
  • It’s cloudy. Take your umbrella!
  • It’s cold but sunny.
  • It’s snowing!!!
    • Less common: It’s snowy
  • It’s raining. Take your umbrella. – Verb in PRES. CONT.
    • Less common: It’s rainy – To be + ADJECTIVE
  • It’s OK. I love spring!
  • It’s very hot. Take some water!
  • It’s very windy! Be careful!
  • It’s a bit fresh! Take something to keep warm later on.
  • It’s too hot today. Let’s go for a swim!
  • It’s terribly windy!
  • It’s nice and warm!
  • It’s fresh and sunny!
  • It’s very wet today! I think it’s going to rain.
  • The orange trees are blooming!
  • It’s perfect! Perfect weather!!
  • It’s raining cats and dogs! (expression)
  • It’s pouring rain!

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