Lesson Plans & Your Work at Home

Dear students,

when we finish unit 5 (soon! Hopefully, next week) and after your Monologues on the Weather and the Park (this day, I’ll collect your Eval. sheet for unit 5 and your listening diaries), I would like to start unit 7, because you need to start learning to speak in the past. (So if you like, work on unit 6 at home. We’ll talk about this in class.)

Special/Extras for the Listening Diaries:

  • If you want to practice “There is” and “There are” with quantifiers (a lot, much, many), you can listen and listen to my monologue “What’s in my fridge?
  • If you want to practice prepositions, like in Describing the picture of the park, you can listen to “Describing My House“.

Remember to review my monologues and the dialogues AND monologues you learned/learnt from October to February.

Prepare the mon. on the weather, and on the park, so we can finish consolidating the present simple and the present continuous. (No more mistakes in: It isn’t raining. / It doesn’t rain much in Fuengirola, right?)

If you want to know what students need to learn in Básico (1 & 2), you can check out this list. The present perfect and the futures are learned/learnt in Básico 2.

Keep your listening diary and your English will improve more and more each day! ❤


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