Athena & Lifelong Learning!

This afternoon, an adorable Elementary student, gave us another present! The other day she brought a political poem she had written in Spanish, and we read /red- in the past/ it and it was awesome!

Today she mentioned that she thought I mispronounced and misspelled/misspellt this word: Athena, in the Audiobook I wrote for you all, which means ‘Atenea‘.

She thought the spelling was: Athenea. Her classmates checked out its pronunciation and said it was: /átheni/and showed me their mobiles. So we thanked her for this information. ❤

But… I’m sorry!

I have checked and my spelling and pronunciation is OK. It is true you can find the spelling “Athenea” but that‘s not the usual spelling in English. About the other pronunciation, can you all tell me where you found it? I can’t find it! I can only find the pronunciation I know.


Oh! We have lost a beautiful story. ❤ Anyway, see if you can catch me in a mistake or teach me a new word! 😀

Athena was born from Zeus’ head! She did not have a mother. She was never a baby. She was born as a woman. She became the goddess of wisdom and other things!

Stuttgart_Athene_Zeus athena-zeus-head


5 responses to “Athena & Lifelong Learning!

  1. /azínia/ in my translate (itranslate by iphone)


  2. Depends on the application you use it’s differentspronunciations!


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  4. Thanks!
    Different pronunciations depending on the application? Then, trust me, don’t trust them! It’s true sometimes words have two spellings and two pronunciations, but all ok-dictionaries say the same thing!
    Let’s talk about it in class next day!
    See you!


  5. I always trust you😉


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