Sunday: Please, vote

It is your right, and you should never say no to a right. Use it to express your opinion about who should have the chance (possibility) to make decisions about our lives! ❤

Happy voting day! ❤


4 responses to “Sunday: Please, vote

  1. Hello Michelle, I’m going to vote, but this government don’t leave me to belive in it. 😦


  2. Bueno… no hay que votar necesariamente a los que ya “nos han demostrado ser unos ladrones” (Julio Anguita). Por cierto que son varios los partidos…

    Hay más opciones.

    Buena votación a todos.

    Sorry, not this mean in English.


  3. Well, let’s see what most people vote.
    Melania, hi! Our systems are not ideal, but we should never stop using our rights. I have often voted a party I did not like, just because I did not want another party I liked even less to get to power.
    We know the two political parties always in power since democracy was reestablished have members involved in corruption. This is possible because there are laws protecting corruption at a large scale. So we need to have politicians who are brave and prefer encourage honesty, to change those laws.
    Politics is not like the world of football supporters — football supporters tend to belong to a club all of their lives! 0_0 They even say they were born that way! 😀 In politics, we should vote programs, political programs, and always depending on an analysis of what is happening. And stop the traditional wars of bipartidism.
    Politics should be about negociating things, and in my view, only political parties that respect human rights should be legal.
    I’m hoping for a chage that fills us all up with renewed energy to continue working for a more civilized world! 🙂


  4. Well, what surprises me is that people in the mass media, when analyzing/analysing the elections, cannot pronounce the word “Podemos”, in spite of the fact that it is the third political power now! It’s like with feminists — people suspect we are right, but they are afraid of us! 0_0 😀 Afraid of the least violent people… (to put it in the most negative way. You can also say “Afraid of the people most sensitive with human rights”) Sigh! But there we are! ❤


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