Examples of End-of-course Writing Exams

WRITING TEST. Task 2. Write about your routines (80-100 words).

My Weekdays (94 words)

On weekdays I get up at 8.00. I have a shower, I get dressed and then I have breakfast. I always have a coffee and bread with olive oil for breakfast. After that I go to work.

I get to work at 9.00. I work until two, and then from four to eight. I have luch at home except on Fridays because I visit my parents.

In the evening, I go shopping for food, I do housework or I watch TV. We usually have dinner at ten. At about midnight I go to bed.

My Typical Weekend (104 97 words)

At the weekend I get up late. I usually have a wonderful breakfast — orange juice, coffee and tomato bread with olive oil! Then I go to the beach. and I relax. I always go for a swim when it’s very hot!

I often have lunch at home but sometimes I go to my parents’ house. After a siesta, I meet my friends. Sometimes we go to a beach bar, for a drink. Sometimes we go to the city to watch a movie.

On Sundays I usually stay home. I always have a lot of things to do. It’s OK. I like staying home.

My Typical Day (88 words)

I usually get up at 8.00. I have a shower, I have breakfast and I drive to school.

I get to school at 9.15. I have five lessons.

After school, I go home. I have lunch and then I do my homework. Then I have a break. After that I study more and check out my emails. Some days I go out for a short walk.

At about ten, we usually have dinner. Then, I watch TV.

I always go to bed at 11.30. That’s my typical day!


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