Today a lot of unusual things happened to me. First of all, I woke up and instead of switching on my computer, I went out to the garden to have my breakfast coffee and read Mary Wollstonecraft, and about her. You see, I would like to write about her for a philosophy website. For the past zillions of years I’ve been trying to do that, but I never find the time!

I felt really relaxed, and then this happened to me: I was in class, with my adorable NB1 CAL, and suddenly I felt really sleepy! I was so relaxed I was actually feeling sleepy!!! It’s the first time in my life that this has happened to me! I know I’m not human in this, but in class I’m always like an actress, full of energy and totally into the matter of helping people learn! And this has always happened to me even if I was very tired. So now I’m really surprised! When 1ºB came to class, I was still feeling sleepy but I managed to wake up, with Rocío’s story, and because people were reading aloud and doing monologues at plenary. After class, too, while talking to Albeiro. Big hug, Albeiro. Please, keep coming to class. ❤

When I came back home, my facebook friends asked me for a matriarchal tarot reading, so I found myself shuffling the cards and telling them about it, instead of playing poker online for a break! 😀

And now I’m listening to flamenco on the Andalucian channel because it’s an amazing kind of music. I love it. But I’m no expert.

I know, this all sounds really weird.

But I’m happy!

And excited about our exam. I’m really curious about the results. Don’t worry about it and enjoy it, OK? I don’t really care about the results. It’s just curiosity. 🙂

Nightie night! Don’t let the angels bite!


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