The Practice Test (edited)

Welcome to our Practice Test (units 1-6)!

Handing in your term work. Put your Work on your Desk (L. Diaries, Trans. Sheet, Eval Sheet). I’ll pick it up when you start the exam.

The exam

  • First, look at the exam and fill in your full name and group.
  • Second, the exam is maximum 2 hours. The Listening Test is 15 min máx. The rest of the time is for your Reading and Writing Tests.
  • Third, because people are late, we’ll start with the Writing Test. After half an hour we’ll do the Listening Test. Then you can continue with the Writing and Reading Tests! Manage well your time limit!
  • I’ll give you an extra piece of paper. Write your full name and group, too. Attach it to the exam when you hand in.

I’ll collect the exams at the end of the session.

  • The Listening Test has three parts and just two audios.
  • You will hear the first audio twice. (Task 1. Fill in a table with relevant information.) + Extra listening if necessary.
  • Task 2 and 3 have the same audio. Task 2. You will hear the audio twice. Task 3. You will hear the audio again, twice.

He incorporado el extra listening, para que se comprueben las respuestas.

At the end of the Test students will pledge (promise) not to speak about it to anyone till Friday morning!!


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