Well, today I finished telling people about their results. It’s been impressive, and very reassuring for you all and for me, too! I knew, but…

Only 1ºB saw and photographed their tests. 1ºCAL and 1ºD, remind me of showing you your exam!

1ºB – don’t worry about people not coming to class. It’s typical here. Adults are very insecure, and very busy, or full of worries, and absentism is a chronic illness. We should celebrate your results, even if you are few! I’ll see the rest in June, I suppose, at least the dear students who can actually pass their test easily! It was lovely to hear that you wanted to learn more!! Go for the dialogue and the monologues, and don’t do the Practical English section yet!!! 😀

1ºCAL – Congratulations, too! You are very few, for most people dropped out at the beginning of the course, but your work has been outstanding, and I suppose I won’t see people from this group in June.

1ºD – My larger/biggest group. Although people were afraid at the beginning, their work has been amazing, and also their attendance to class. The 3 coevaluación cases I have are almost solved. And I suppose I won’t see people from this group in June.

I have requested one room for our June exam for the three groups. Next week I’ll tell you more about it.

NOW FOR MAY. If you learn THE PAST SIMPLE well, the rest will be much faster!! You’ll see! ORALS TO POWER! ❤


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