Mulling over things

(Rumiándome las cosas)

Dear all,

I’m re-considering things, about next year, because your work has been so amazing and what you have been telling me is true: the con (disadvantage) would be preparing a new course, but the pro (advantage) would be that you know how to work with my methodology, and you do it very well!

Don’t get excited, because life is complicated, and I could be sent to Avanzado.

Now I need to solve a little problem: two adorable people, Esther (1ºD) and Carlos (1ºB) asked me about next year, and I said I would ask to teach Básico 1 again, but that I didn’t know if it would be possible because I can’t choose first next year, as I will stop being the Head of the Department. E. and C. have passed two or three of the four skills in June because of their work in Evaluación continua, but because they wanted to take the course again, they failed one or two, so here is an idea: at the end of Exam Month (June) I’ll post here what level I’ll be teaching next year, OK? And then E. and C. can decide whether they want to come in September to take their Básico 1 tests. Please, get in touch with me then. The September test is going to be like the Spring Test we took, and like the June test, of course. And the speaking test, too. It’s all here: – in class – básico 1.

That’s all! Have a nice weekend! ❤


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