Audio for Functional Translation 2 (of 3)

Thank Rocío for this one! I thought, “What am I doing?! Nobody is interested!” 😀 So, thanks, Rocío! 😀 ❤


6 responses to “Audio for Functional Translation 2 (of 3)

  1. Hi, teacher! I listened the audio too! I’m keeping listening to English, of course. You don’t think that! I’m going to listen the second part.
    Have a nice summer! 🙂

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  2. Yeepee!!!! (Don’t think that! – imperative in the negative) Hello! I have your mug on my desk! It’s so awesome! Wonderful, then, I’ll record the last part then, hahahah… I’m also going to record just now a story from Stories from my teacher! Hope you’re keeping cool and fresh!


  3. Thanks for the nice words about the mug!
    A few months ago, I read a story from your book ‘Stories from my teacher’ about a “vaquilla” and you -when you were a child- fighting with a man. That was very funny!!


  4. Hahahah… Really?! Good for you! That’s unabridged English! I was a teenager, about 13, I think. But the man, yes, got me angry with his unhonorable behavior! Hahahaha… Well, yesterday or the day before I publish the recording of Story 2. It’s not as funny, but… 🙂 Here’s the link:


  5. Thanks for the link! 😉 I could understand! Not all but more or less… I’m going to listen again! 😀


  6. OH WOW!!! That’s the spirit! Go for it! 😀 ❤


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