Practice speaking at home… Nationalities, languages, countries (monologues)

  • People from … (country) are … (nationality) and they speak … (language)

NEW!!!! : HERE IS A LITTLE AUDIO with some examples. I plan to record Latin American countries, too. Countries, nationalities, languages. Part 1

Perfect pronunciation!

  • People from Britain are British and they speak English. Some speak Scotts, too. Some speak Welsh, too. Some speak Irish (Gaelic), too. In Britain there are four nations: Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • People from Spain are Spanish and they speak Spanish. Some are bilingual: some speak Catalan, some speak Galego, some speak Basque, and then Spanish, too.
  • People from Canada are Canadian /k-nei-dien/ and they speak French or English. Some are bilingual.
  • People from the United States are from the United States! And they speak English. I am from the USA. I don’t say “I’m American” because for me America is a continent.
  • People from Belgium are Belgians and they speak French or Flemish.
  • In our town you can meet people from Finland (they are Finnish and they speak Finnish), Sweden (they are Swedish and they speak Swedish), Norway (they are Norwegian and they speak Norwegian), Morocco (they are Morocans and they speak Arabic), Denmark (they are Danish and they speak Danish), France (they are French and they speak French), Britain (they are English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish and they speak English), Ireland (they are Irish and they speak Irish), Germany (they are German and they speak German)…

Remember to print the handout

How many can you learn?

  • Where are you from? I’m from … (country). I’m … (nationality)
  • Where is your friend from? She’s from Spain. She’s Spanish.

3 responses to “Practice speaking at home… Nationalities, languages, countries (monologues)

  1. I’d like yo take the audio too


  2. Hiya, Sara!
    If you click “Audios” and go to the Audioweb, the fifth audio is a longer version of this.
    But yes, I’ll try to find some time to record a special episode for you all this year! 🙂
    In any case, listen to the Vocabulary Bank meanwhile /min-guail/!
    and this!


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