Anecdotes: Teachers make mistakes!

Today Carlos Q. tried to save me from making a mistake, but I insisted in making the mistake! 😀 So sorry, Carlos, for insisting you were wrong and I was right! I was wrong! You were right!

Soccer is the name for “fútbol” in the USA and “football” is the name for “fútbol” in Britain. I simply forgot and got it all wrong! It’s true I’m no sports expert. Although let me tell you — I watch football on TV every now and then, but in Spanish! In any case, there was a time when I knew! I’m losing my memory! It must be my pre-menopause /méno-pos/! 😀 Is this possible?!

Marisa asked an interesting question: how do you say “azafata de congresos”? And the answer is “hostess” (like “air-hostess”, remember? But today we use “flight attendan”). I’d say “congress hostess” or “fair hostess” depending on the event.


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