Anecdotes! The Fire Drill

Dearest students,

Yesterday something happened (vale, no hemos dado el pasado, pero sois guerrilleras y guerrilleros del Inglés): the Fire Drill, the evacuation exercise. We were pretending (hacíamos como que) there was (había) a fire! But do you know what? It happened (ocurrió) when I was with 1ºC, and… I forgot to explain! I forgot to tell THEM how we had to proceed! So we had to improvise /ímprovais/. 😀 It was funny, but dramatic! 😀

Anyway /éni-wei/, it was a complete /komplít/ disaster. The three schools (Personas Adultas, EOI, and Arte) blocked the exit. Thank goodness it was not true!!! 😀 ❤

We have to ask the Town Hall for rope ladders in our balconies. There is no way we would survive a fire, with just one narrow staircase to evacuate the building!!

Life is dangerous /déinlleres/, don’t you think?



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