Domestic Accident!

Dear students,

I had an accident at three!, so I couldn’t tell you there was no class today. I’m OK. Don’t worry. But my knee /nii/ is hurt /heert/ (herida, dolida). I have a deep cut and I hurt my bone with the fall /fol/ (caída) on my stairs, but fortunately /fórtiu-net-li/ it’s not broken! Phew!!!

Now I am in bed with my laptop! Hurray for technology! ❤

I will be back on Monday, so please, come to class – Monday and Tuesday — OK?

For 1ºC and 1ºCAL: Can you please do the practical English section this week, and learn the Dialogue “Buying a coffee” by ear by heart for next Tuesday? 🙂 ❤

Y la gente con cosas de mínimos a cumplir pendientes para poder aprobar la continua que sepa que si no viene el lunes o el martes y entrega o hace lo pendiente, tendría que proceder como hablamos en clase, vale?


12 responses to “Domestic Accident!

  1. I’m sorry. Take care!
    See you next Tuesday
    Elena 1 CAL


  2. Marcela Hernandez

    Michelle please, take care of yourself!
    Many kisses.
    See you on Monday
    Marcela 1º B


  3. Michelle, I wish you a quick recovery. Cheer up. See you on Monday.
    Jessica 1B.


  4. Michelle, you should be more careful! Take a lot of care!!
    See you on Monday.
    Jaime 1B


  5. Get well soon!


  6. Dearest students!

    How sweet of you! Thanks SO much for your kind comments!
    (Qué cariñoso de vuestra parte)
    Yes, I was* not careful. I woke up* at 12.00 and instead OF goING downstairs for breakfast, I rushed* /rasht/ to my office to edit videos. Suddenly it was THREE!! So I ran downstairs, I made* /meid/ coffee, and I rushed upstairs with my full cup. That’s when I tripped* and fell*! The coffee flew* over and on my head (coffee hair when the doctor arrived!), and my right knee landed on the edge of a step!!! It was VERY painful! But I didn’t bleed* much. That was strange and lucky!
    So my partner is teasing me: you have to learn to go up the stairs, MF! 😀 You have to be more careful! ❤
    Oh, I cannot bend my leg much, that is why I have to stay home.
    I've been preparing two worksheets for you because I hate being ill or wounded /wundid/, so my best option was to forget about this! 😀 I'll upload THEM very soon.
    And next, I'm going to relax!
    I hope you have a lovely bilingual weekend, sweet English peacelings! ❤
    See you!

    *am/is/are – was/were
    *wake up – woke up (despertar)
    *rush – rushed (ir con prisas, volando, a un lado) – the rush hour = la hora punta
    *make – made
    *trip – tripped (como verbo, tropezar)
    *fall – fell (caer)
    *fly – flew (volar, salir volando)
    *bleed /blíd/ – bled /bled/ (sangrar) – blood /blad/ = sangre – bloody = sangriento, jodido (en británico)


  7. PS: I have checked your messages, OK? Copy them! ❤


  8. Hello Michelle,
    I hope you`ll be well soon.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Mª Carmen. 1ºC


  9. Michelle, I’m so sorry!!
    I hope you get well!
    See you on Monday.


  10. carlos sanchez

    Hello Michelle, I am late! 🙂
    I’m really sorry about your accident.
    Be careful.
    Have a good Christmas and see you next year.
    We love you a lot.


  11. Hello Michelle.
    I hope you are better.
    See you on Monday.
    María José 1º B


  12. Dear students!
    Thanks for your kind and loving messages!
    I’m really well now! My knee is fine! No problem! I can go up and down the stairs! I can climb mountains and reach for the moon!! 😀
    Thanks for a wonderful beginning of the school year! I’m really happy with your work. Please, don’t forget to listen to English every day! ❤ ❤ ❤
    PS: I corrected some mistakes, OK? Read all the posts again!
    HAVE A WONDERFUL END OF 2015 /twenty fifteen/ AND HAVE A WONDERFUL BEGINNING OF 2016 /twenty sixteen/


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