Homework and Plans for next week

Dear all, your homework is:

finish everything in 4A and 4B, with the audios. Pay attention to questions and answers in the present simple with “to be” and the rest of the verbs, and to the stories using the present simple.

And listen to my mons on the audioweb: describing people in photos and the two on routines. If you want to listen to more of my podcast episodes, go ahead! It’ll be wonderful for your English!

Next week we’ll finish checking 4A and 4B and listening to people speaking and talking about their photos. But I will also explain Time Expressions and Frequency Adverbs with the Present Simple to talk about habits and routines. And you will start saying the mons on routines, also in interaction (Q&A). I might also explain the Writing File. We’ll see how it all goes.

Remember to jot down your results of the corrected work in your Eval Sheet.

Have a wonderful bilingual weekend! ❤


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