About reading a book

Victoria, in 1ºC, asked me about reading a book at the Elementary. Stories are in the past, so I would like you to wait until we learn the past, so you can consolidate the present simple and continuous and all the things we are learning in our monologues.

But if you think that you can manage /mánidz/, in our Mediateque we have a lot of readers for Elementary / Beginners. You can go to the second floor, enter, choose /chus/ one, and then I can give it to you. I prefer that you choose one with an audio, an audiobook, because if you read /rid/ without listening you could learn to mispronounce words (pronunciar mal palabras).

I also have an audiobook I wrote /rout/ for you all. It’s 4 pages. I will post it when I record /ricórd/ the rhymes and poems I included, OK?


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