LoM (List of Mistakes) – Clarifying some language points

  • At 9.00 I have breakfast (no “a”)
  • I usually have (WHAT?) FOR breakfast
  • With an ADJECTIVE: Desayuno en 5 minutos: On weekdays I have A FAST breakfast (“a” only with adjectives before the noun), or Desayuno bien: On Saturdays I have A GOOD breakfast
  • (the time) AT about 8.00…
  • (duration) FOR about an hour.
  • Pasear al perro/a: I take my dog for a walk, or I walk my dog
  • Ir andando al trabajo: I walk to work
  • Acompañar a alguien (andando) a algún lugar: Shall I walk you to the station? (cf. Shall I drive you to the station?)
  • Time phrase: Every day
  • Adjective: My everyday routine
  • I go shopping for food and things for the house
  • I go shopping for clothes, books, music, things like that
  • I go shopping with my friends (not food)

I go to bed at midnight. I read a bit and I go to sleep. / I go to sleep listening to my English audios!

  • fruit /frUt/
  • friends /frEnds/
  • From — to —: From Monday to Friday; from 6 to 8
  • Between —- and —: Between 12 and 14 years old = 12-14 years old

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