Amelia Earhart, pilot

amelia3amelia1Amelia Earhart was an aviator and pioneer. She became the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic. Earhart worked to inspire and help women interested in flying careers and formed the Ninety-Nines, an organization for women pilots. In January 1935 she made a solo flight from Hawaii to California, a longer distance than that from the United States to Europe. Earhart was the first person to fly that hazardous route successfully — all previous attempts had ended in disaster. She disappeared over the Pacific Ocean while attempting to circumnavigate the world. After completing more than two-thirds of the distance, her plane vanished in the central Pacific near the International Date Line. She probably ran out of fuel and crashed in the ocean or on an island.


How many words or sentences can you understand?!

Joni Mitchell wrote a song for Amelia Earhart


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