Thank You (a long story for just two words!)

Dear students,

This year I did not want to look at the Evaluation Sheets students fill in / fill out to assess their teacher’s work because I was afraid I could get hurt. Generally, I get positive assessment but at times I find assessment which I think is not fair or accurate. At the same time, I am also very strong because I get so much from my interaction with students! In a nutshell, I can move mountains and at the same time I can “drown in a glass of water,” as Spanish-speakers say (“Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill” is the English translation but I’m doubtful about it in some ways)!

Whether I’m wrong or right about the things I believe are good or kind or wise, because I work hard every day to make the world a better place, I can be very sensitive, too sensitive! As you may know, when you work hard to make the world a better place, your reward is immediate because people are happier, kinder, they learn more, they grow more, and you get a lot out of that, because you are happier, kinder, you learn more, you grow more. On the not-so-sunny-side — and this is as complex as reality gets — you will never see the world you work / strive for, do you?, the kind of society you are actually able to imagine. And then there’s this: when you believe your job is important, you never find time for your own projects. You’re always looking for a balance and it’s difficult!

As it turns out for me, my job is about helping show that human beings can be amazing, do amazing things, beautiful things together and on their own. From this, you get the most out of life (the best) but at the same time you grow more vulnerable because you are giving all you can and a bit more! You’re actually using your life for that job. I am trying to learn to respect some time for myself, but it’s very hard because my job is so amazing! Every single day I see how powerful good things are! But also how little people want to believe in good ideas. It’s a bit confusing! Every day I see how quickly we become better when we decide to do things with love and respect for each other and also how much effort it takes to make people believe a better world is possible. So that is why I’m very strong and I’m also very frail. For me, a life as a teacher has always been complex, not always complicated, but complex! My life as a teacher shows me these things.

So this year I decided to wait for the statistics and I was not sure I wanted to read them. I know that my methodology is not understood by many people, although it’s true that because I never quit, after the first two months of hard work, most people who survive start to understand that my methodology helps, or at least it does not harm. Out of many years of experience, I know that when people pay attention, when people control their fear, they understand, and they agree there are different ways to learn, and that what we do together is OK! Of course, I always wish I could help everybody, but humans are complex. Human beings in our patriarchal societies are educated into not trusting good things. They just want to trust what most people do, which is not always the best, as we should already know well, not what is best for us all and individually.

Anyway, my colleagues have congratulated me for your evaluation sheets, which I didn’t read because I was afraid, and now I am very happy and grateful!!! Thanks so much!

About your shared work. Your videos are really valuable in many ways, and I hope you can keep sharing more of your oral and written work! An additional comment for Básicos: I have to say that your Writing Files are something impressive I would like to show other students and teachers. These Writing Files are this good thanks to your Listening and Speaking work, which have taught you to speak and understand English (not Spanish translated into English). So if you like, in May, send me the files or make a paper copy for me and we can publish it on! ❤


2 responses to “Thank You (a long story for just two words!)

  1. Go on please. Don’t stop. Your show must go on!.
    We sometimes feel alone!. Not always the solution is in your hands. It depends on people. There are people who only wish a certificate….. Others just like learning new things…..


  2. Yes! And those people, like you, are precious! They change it all! They make the world better! ❤


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