Tutorías and emails to teacher!

Dear students,

My day to check out my email account is Friday, OK? Anyway, I check out my account in the evenings almost every day from Monday to Friday.

I don’t check out my email account at the weekend. You can send me emails, but I won’t read them until I start work.


My face-to-face Tutoría time is Monday and Tuesday after 21.20 but you need to book a date before (send me an email).

My time for electronic Tutorías is on Friday afternoon.

Example: If you want to book for Monday evening, and you send me an email the Sunday before, or that Monday morning, I won’t have time to read it. If you want to book for Monday evening, the latest to send me the email is Friday at lunchtime. Not the weekend, not on Monday morning. Do you see what I mean?

What are Tutorías? Tutorías no son clases particulares. Son sesiones donde se consulta algo personal o se informa de algo personal. Puedo dar orientaciones frente a problemas de aprendizaje también, pero no explicar la lección. Tutoría se usa, por tanto, poco, porque además recomendamos que las preguntas sobre cómo aprender y estudiar se hagan en clase, para que la respuesta le sirva a más gente. ❤


4 responses to “Tutorías and emails to teacher!

  1. Good afternoon, Michelle.
    My name is Salvador.
    I can not attend your classes today. I’m sick. Sorry.
    See you next day.


  2. Dear Salvador
    Don’t worry. Get well soon, then! ❤ And come to class! 😀
    (I deleted your family names because this is public.)
    Take care!


  3. Dear Michelle!!!

    Te extrañamos muuuuucho!!!!

    Un fuerte abrazo!!!



  4. Dear Rosa,
    It’s so good to see you around!
    I miss you too! Let’s meet some day for a drink! 🙂 ❤
    I'm sure your learning will be wonderful this year! Consolidating what you know and learning more!
    Send my love to everybody, and here is a big hug for you! ❤


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