Plans for next week & for Unit 2

Next week we only have one lesson, the second in the week.

1ºB is going to prepare an oral exercise of Consolidation of What You Learned/Learnt in unit 1 and we’re going to have a videoshoot session! They are also preparing a song (see previous post).

1ºC needs to tell me if there are questions or pending things to check in unit 1, or pending orals. And until we meet, they are going to do Consolidation, too.

You can all start unit 2, if you like, because there is a lot of vocabulary (listen and repeat, OK?). My plans for unit 2:

  • 2A: I’ll explain the pronunciation exercise and the monologue will be 1.55. You do the rest at home, and ask me in class if you have questions. (Remember the back pages)
  • 2B: You can also work in 2B at home. I’ll explain adjectives (p. 15) and the monologue will be the Reading exercise: Hollywood Stars: Who are they? (the audio doesn’t have a number, just a name Reading…)
  • 2C: We’ll do everything in class. Don’t do it.
  • And of course, don’t do the 1&2 Revise and Check until we get there and I tell you, OK?

We need to finish unit 2, including the test, by the end of November. We have three weeks, I think. But it would be good we started unit 3 in the last November lesson, because December has few lessons! So let’s try to do that!

I’ll check your listening diaries and tell you if they’re OK.

Have a lovely bilingual holiday/weekend! ❤


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