Teacher’s Diary! :D

Dear all,

I can’t believe I haven’t replied to all the people posting on Gordidedo, and to all the digs (likes) it has! With all my love and gratitude, thanks so much! ❤ ❤ ❤ You have given me energy for the whole year now!

I’m very busy these days. I’m preparing the publication of the C1 Resource Pack, which is due for December 2016!!! What colo(u)r would you like it to be: orange, green, lilac? 😀

And then this — I’m extremely happy with all of the groups this year! I can’t believe it!! Today 1ºB was totally packed!!! (full) And it’s mid-November!! And the group is huge! (very big)!!! I couldn’t believe it! The group factor is crucial because classmates are amazing support. So thanks to everybody for being there! Let’s keep fighting so everybody finishes this course and gets to Básico 2!

1ºC has less people, but the group is very interactive and it’s all amazing, too, because age groups are varied and very different! I hope they can all finish the course, too! Go for it!!

Both in 1ºB and 1ºC we are going to finish unit 2! If we can finish unit 3 before the holidays, I promise to prepare a publication for Básico 1 for next year! Some fichas (cards) like my C1 fichas, but for you all, with the Writing and Speaking File projects, so pequeninas and pequeninos can learn to learn in their Learning Childhood and succeed in learning English to the Advanced level, while enjoying themselves! ❤

My dearest old Básico 1 students, on top of everything, are around, and that is a lovely present this year! I’m sure you will reach for the moon! ❤ And then learning about the fact that people who have not been my students are following this little blog makes me very happy! I’m really happy it’s useful! Thanks for letting me know!

1ºsemi is hard to teach because we only meet once a week, and levels are very different, but people are also ADORABLE! And they are working very hard. And we have fun in class, too! We’re going to start with the monologues in the Speaking File!

And my C1 group this year is amazing. Levels are different but people are very interested in learning to learn! We’ve had amazing lessons.

I’m very happy and inspired! ❤ I have less energy, but your welcoming attitude is helping me a lot! ❤

Then we have the online magazine we’re preparing for the 25th anniversay of our school! A lot of work, but it’s great each time I get your contributions! I would like to select Básico 1 videos to show there. Any suggestions? And things C1 students did and things we pubilished in Loving Andalucía and Coeducación!

Then, we’re blooming in Coeducación, Education for Equality. We don’t have enough time to post all the things people are sending! ❤ And look at this, we’ve even had amazing conversations: https://coeducacioninteligenciafeminista.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/pyr-cuando-es-mansplaining-y-cuando-es-legitimo-que-un-varon-se-exprese/

Did you understand this post? Any questions?

Please, remember to listen to Useful Classroom Language, because you will work in Small Groups!

Big big


One response to “Teacher’s Diary! :D

  1. Hi! I think orange or lilac or both, they are your colors! 😛


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