(edited) Unit 3 & Appreciating Our Progress!

We’re going to start unit 3, the most important unit NOT because you are going to have a hard time (so don’t panic, please, panic is not useful for learning, its price is horrible! We are not here to suffer, but to have a good time and learn!), but because you are going to enjoy the realization (el darse cuenta de) of all you’ve learned/learnt (todo lo que habéis aprendido/consolidado).

You’ve all had amazing exam results, and should be happy, celebrating this, and also using this energy to keep up your learning.

You are also lucky to be in amazing groups, with amazing group dynamics, very positive atmospheres for learning, and this is not common in adult education. I hope you can appreciate it! 🙂 ❤

You should also understand the importance of your habit of listening to English every day. It helps you learn without suffering. The more times you listen, the more and the better you learn. This is a fact.

Please, remember how you panicked when at the beginning of the course I said you would do orals every week. We’ve done orals every week and you did very well! But you thought /zot/ it was impossible. You were wrong, right?

So keep up the good work! You’ll be able to communicate in English in your winter holidays! ❤

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2 responses to “(edited) Unit 3 & Appreciating Our Progress!

  1. Thanks for your support, I give you two gordidedo.


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