I love learning! Listening Log from Dec 21/22 to Jan 9/10

CONGRATULATIONS FOR A WONDERFUL FIRST TERM! Thank you for your learning! You did really well! ❤ ❤ ❤

DEBERES de las vacas de invierno!

Now… let’s continue! You will speak English really well next summer!

Lo que os pediré el primer día de clase: el listening diary de todo diciembre, aparte la primera semana de enero, y que hagáis el oral del Practical English section, el diálogo más fácil. Pero cuanto más aprendáis, mejor. Son muy buenos para diálogos de salir por ahí.

Y algo más, para sólo escuchar y repasar/consolidar:

LISTENING IS SPEAKING! ENJOY!!! ❤ Listen and listen and listen. Then listen and read. Then listen and repeat until you learn the dialogue at the coffee shop (minimum). Learn the new dialogue.

MINIMUM. On the 9th and 10th, you have to give me the December Listening Diary (listen to English every day!), aparte the January L.D. of the first December week, and you have to do the oral in the Practical English section: At the Coffee Shop.

Then, for your L.D. and if you want to speak English next summer, every day listen to some of these audios:

Please, remember to listen to English every day, in different moments of the day, a minimum of 30 minutes. It’s very important! Just listen, and listen and repeat! If you like, visualize the grammar, too! ❤

Priorities in units 1-3:

All the audios of the Grammar Banks 1-3 and of the Vocabulary Banks 1-3

Unit 1

1.2, 1.13, 1.22, 1.28-1.29
1.39, 1.40 (Q&A – Info on yourself)
Practical English: 1.44, 1.45 (Checking In)
– extra: 1.48

Unit 2

1.55 (Desk)
audio of Reading: Who are they? (p. 15)
1.68 (adj), 1.69, 1.72
Revise & Check: 1.74 (no lo tenéis!!)

Unit 3

2.7 = Reading: Starbucks (p. 21)
2.10-2.11 (2.12) His job, her job
audio for Reading Uniforms (p. 23)
2.17, 2.19 Meeting Someone (Kevin & Samantha)
2.21, 2.22
Practical English: 2.25, 2.26 Buying a coffee, extra: 2.28

Teacher’s audios:

All the audios in the audioweb from The vowels to “Do you like/Would you like?” – Priority for our first lesson:

  • Days and dates (including when were you born?)
  • Nationalities…
  • Talking about Myself
  • Describing people in photos (family & friends)

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