Javi came back from Bristol!

This post is in the past, except a few sentences. Do you know which? The verbs in pink are not in a tense (tiempo verbal)

Today Javi, in 1ºB, came back from Bristol. He told us about his trip. He was very happy because he spoke English with people. He understood people, too!

He brought /brot/ me a present: a fantastic brochure by the Bristol Zoo! and a novel! He told me he didn’t buy it at a regular price, but much cheaper. (He knows I don’t like presents, or expensive / pay presents!)

He gave me another present: he told me Victoria, his partner (and an old student of mine), and he wanted to thank me for my segment called [llamado]The Travel Phrasebook on the Talking People Podcast. They think it’s fantastic for travelling!

So thanks! ❤ I wrote more episodes, but I haven’t recorded them yet!


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