Today 1ºB

Today we finished 5C – do all the bits I skipped! (haced lo que me saltara) – listening 3.11. Please, listen to it many times to learn some sentences!

Speaking File – We reviewed the Sp. File to remember our aims! And I talked about March, the Celebration of Learning monologues and dialogues. You should listen to all the audios in the section called Present, though I will explain the three which are more difficult: House, Fridge and Park (there is/are).

Writing File – I explained. People got a copy of the handout (printed here if you didn’t come to class) and I asked them to read it and compare it to the Writing section in our textbook. Next Monday, from 4.45 to 5.30 we will start with this project.

Then we will go to a very special conference together, with all the students in our School!!!


I’ll be on strike next March 8. Please, watch this documentary and read about this strike


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