Your Attention, Please! (1ºC, 1ºB)

The audio called Winter Holidays is too difficult for you all! It’s more for Básico 2, so I’m going to record this episode this week, look:


Listen to the audio!!! – temporary setting, OK? Click here to listen:
Record and upload audio >>

Today 5 people came to 1ºC! I couldn’t believe it! We had an amazing lesson, anyway! I hope I can create a webpage on with the pics!

About unit 7

So many people are missing lessons lately that it’s very difficult to manage /mánich/ the plans! So here is what all of you can do:

Read the stories in 7A and 7B and answer the questions.

And then, listen to all the audios I have on Audioweb multilingüe, but just for listening, OK? To learn to pronounce and understand a bit.

Read my previous /prívies/ post: This week



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