Javiiiiiiii, toy pedooooooo!

Holly Molly!!! The beer you gave me is powerful!!! I’m totally drunk!!!!! Just with three sips!!!

So here goes: if you want a beer that gets people drunk FAST, this is your beer. If I compare it to Duvel, which is one of the Belgian beers I simply love, the taste for me is more like licorice (regaliz) in this one, I mean, I prefer Duvel, it is less obvious, but it still tastes like Belgian beer, of course — lovely.

I checked and it’s got a 12% alcohol, and Duvel has an 8,5%, so it’s logical I’m definitely drunk — I’m VERY sensitive to drugs, you see! 😀 You give me two “cañas”, Spanish pils, and I’m in orbit! But this is definetly efficient in terms of gettting drunk! My partner says it’s got the same percentage as wine. I bet you know that. So that’s why!

Hey, I checked something. When I was in Belgium, I had a supergalactic experience when drinking a Triple Westmalle, because I drank it as a pils, but it’s stronger, so my body separated from my mind and I flew over the scenes. Well, I can’t tell you about that, but I just looked it up on wikinpedia and it says Triples has a 9.5%. So again, here you go! The beer you gave me is just like wine!!! I mean, in terms of getting people drunk!

(See how useful English teachers can be???)

Anyway, I don’t feel super comfortable with presents, but if you have lots of beers to give away, I can accept one! (Demented laughter)

Lah, lah, laaaaah, lee, loh, leee! Asturiaaaas!


2 responses to “Javiiiiiiii, toy pedooooooo!

  1. Thanks for your description about this beer from Belgium. It is very important por me to know the product to sell it. I dont like drinking beer because i do not like the taste, therefore your comment is very important for me.
    Thank you so much

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  2. My pleasure! Hip! 😀 ❤


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