Listening Log April 7-April 16 + Week April 17-20

Congratulations for your Second Term (Term 2)! Your marks are in class and if you have the PASEN code, you can see them online, too. But you already know, right?

Listening Work from April 7 to April 16

Review all the past simple, and prepare a new monologue in the past simple:

Prepare the dialogue Giving Directions in Practical English (textbook)

Listen to my episode Giving Directions in Fuengirola, and try to learn the first on page 2, called “At the Language School”.

Brief Conversations:

SPEAKING: from all the listening work, the speaking is just: one mon in the past, and two dialogues.

WRITING: Continue with your Writing File (Sandra, you forgot to pick your checked work! 🙂 )


You can listen to the last audio in the Practical English section. In class, we checked the Grammar Banks in unit 7 this week, so if you didn’t come to class, do them. In 7C, the story in the past is a perfect example for a Writing Test in 80-100 words! So have a look! 😉

Lessons in Week April 17-20

  • The first lesson will be for the Spring Practice Test I showed you this week + some orals
  • The second lesson will be for the Spring Writing Test and all the pending orals.

Do this wonderful homework if you want to be good at English! Term 3 is short and we have to learn more!

Enjoy your English! ❤


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