We need your help! (Eulàlia’s Talk)

Dear students

On Tuesday, April 25, we are welcoming an expert in language called Eulàlia Lledó Cunill, and she’s going to give a very important talk (charla) or conference. Language is important because it relates to how we think and how we relate to other people. In this way, language is a valuable tool for progress along the lines of positive rational ideas and human rights.

charlaeulaliaBecause a lot of people are dropping out (jobs, illness, not finding time to study, taking care of others, being afraid of finals), a typical problem in Adult Education, I’m afraid few people will use this amazing chance to grow and learn to think of language questions! Can you help us spread the word? Can you put up a poster of this talk somewhere? (Ask me for a color copy if you can!)

All the School is going, even the Centro de Educación para Personas Adultas! but we fear that will not be too many people because the Tuesday-Thursday groups tend to be less people coming to class!

Click on the poster / graphic to get to the post on coeducación  you can share, post, send to your friends or people who could be interested (all teachers should!).

And feel proud to make this invitation, because it is very special and valuable! ❤

Did you understand this message? If you did, congrats!!! ❤


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