Your work this week (new)

Monday and Tuesday lessons:

Handing in your Listening Diaries

Doing the October monologue (1.44, 1 or 2)

After the Monday and Tuesday lessons, you have to…

  • Do 2A, including the Vocabulary Bank – except audio 1.55 (this will be a small monologue for November, too, after we do it in class)
  • Do page 14 in 2B, including the Vocabulary Bank.
  • Work on the November monologue “Talking about Myself”. You can do it whenever you are ready, in November!
  • Old work: continue listening to my audios, and the Unit 1 audios, as part of your listening work!

On Thursday (and Monday next week because this Wednesday is a holiday) we’ll work on unit 2: checking your homework, and we’ll do the 1.55 listening activity. I’ll explain adjectives and This is / These are, That is / Those are.

On Friday I’ll check your listening diaries, and next week I’ll announce who is OK in Evaluación Continua and who needs to work a bit more!

Enjoy your bilingual week!


4 responses to “Your work this week (new)

  1. Hola Michelle, mis padres dejaron por la mañana mi listening diary, es para saber si lo has recibido o me acerco mañana en la tarde y te los dejo en secretaria de nuevo, no tengo ni idea si los has recibido.
    Atte: E. Valeria La Huerta


  2. vale, mañana te digo hacia las 16.35! Hoy vi dos cosas, pero no me fijé en los nombres. Estaba grapado con portada?


  3. siii, pone mi nombre, el curso y tu nombre

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Got it! Happy Halloween!


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