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News & Goodbyes!

Dear students,

Congrats for your learning year! I hope you will continue listening to English every day, so you can speak and understand English and never feel scared of English!

Just a note on photos of people’s marks on whatsapp groups: it’s illegal. Class whatsapp groups are public places when not everyone is happy about having their personal information posted! It can also be dangerous for some people. So please, respect the law because this law is TO PROTECT people, OK?

In case you are interested, next Friday there is a meeting you can attend. It’s here:

Thanks for a wonderful year, full of excitement and your good work with orals. ❤

Enjoy your bilingual summer! ❤


And the last one!

Last but not least! /liist/

And two more!!!


Another video!

New video! Writing File & pronunciation of the past

It will be available in a few hours… Bear with me!

New video!



Dear students,

I got an email from Jalal! I’m so happy! I was very sad when he dropped out. People in class told me he left because he found a job, so I was happy about that, of course! But I think we all miss him. Well, I think it’ll be all right if I post his message because it’s in English! His English is quite good! What do you think?

(I checked some mistakes, of course! Hiya, Jalal. I hope it’s useful!)

Here it is:

Hi Michelle,

I am writing this message trying to write in English without translator!

Thank you for your teaching. I have learned a lot of things. I know it has been a little time but I was very happy.

I don’t have time to learn English at the moment, because I’m the manager of an international fruit company and I work very hard and it is very far.

Thank you so much for all.

Best regards for you and all the people in my class.