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Bueno, confirmado: mañana martes no podré dar clase en 1ºC y 1ºA semi (ahora voy a la plataforma a poner el aviso, aunque todo el mundo sabed que la web del centro lo anuncia en el día, ok?). PERO EL MIÉRCOLES FIJO QUE VOY. Estoy mejor y ya sólo falta un empujón final! Gracias! ❤


The teacher is ill!

No class tomorrow Monday for 1ºB and C1! Sorry about the Tutoría at 4.15, too. Can we move it to Wednesday?

1ºC and 1ºA semi, I’ll be back on Tuesday, most probably! So come to class! If I am still ill on Tuesday, I’ll let you know on Monday evening (after 18.00h)

No hay clase manaña para 1ºB y C1, y siento también lo de la tutoría a 4.15. Podemos trasladarla al miércoles a la misma hora? (1ºB)

1ºC y 1ºA semi: el martes con toda probabilidad estaré, o sea, venid a clase! Si viera que no fuera a poder ir el martes, os avisaría por aquí mañana a partir de las 18.00.

New podcast episodes and an apology!

I just published /pá-blisht/ (US) / I’ve just published two new podcast episodes of my Travel Phrasebook for all kinds of English learners! I hope they’re useful!

My apology: I said I would post the key to the Grammar Banks in unit 3 but I forgot!! Sorry about that! I’ll post it this week, or perhaps we might find time in class to check that. We’ll see!

See you!

New video! Sorry for the delay, Elvira!

I hope you see this post! And I hope you like your video! ❤ To you all, enjoy!

New video: last year’s, sorry for the delay

Rafaaaaaaa, I hope you see this video. I’m SO sorry for the delay! I hope you like it! ❤

More Celebration of Learning Orals! (videos)

Sorry for taking so long! I’m taking my time, to enjoy it, OK? Yesterday or the day before (I can’t remember just now) I uploaded an amazing OP by a C1 student on feminist storytelling, so this also explains why I made you all wait for so long! Anyway, here’s the first, and I hope I can edit and post the rest (about 6 more I think) by the end of this week! Please, spread the word in your whatsapp groups and wherever you can! These videos are precious! They are helping a lot of people learn English! ❤

New video! Chilling Out at Shisha’s Bar!

In about an hour you’ll be able to see Irene, María & Martina’s performance in their Celebration of Learning Oral (interaction). Thanks, dear women, and sorry for the delay! I had to do some researching! (card at the end), and sorry for the mistake of not including the intro BEFORE the actual performance! But all the bits are there, including Ana’s bit! Hahahah… Enjoy!