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News & Goodbyes!

Dear students,

Congrats for your learning year! I hope you will continue listening to English every day, so you can speak and understand English and never feel scared of English!

Just a note on photos of people’s marks on whatsapp groups: it’s illegal. Class whatsapp groups are public places when not everyone is happy about having their personal information posted! It can also be dangerous for some people. So please, respect the law because this law is TO PROTECT people, OK?

In case you are interested, next Friday there is a meeting you can attend. It’s here:

Thanks for a wonderful year, full of excitement and your good work with orals. ❤

Enjoy your bilingual summer! ❤


March 8, 2018

Hemos publicado el vídeo hoy del 8 de marzo en nuestra EOI y Málaga. Esperamos que os guste, y si os parece bien, que lo reposteéis por el mundo, para que conozcamos las preciosas cabezas de quienes aportaron reflexiones sobre esta jornada histórica! ❤

Celebrations in Andalucía – Thanks, Raquel!!!

Our first course video! Thanks, Bea & Jairo!

Fun performance! 😀

Hope you like it! ❤

New video! Sorry for the delay, Elvira!

I hope you see this post! And I hope you like your video! ❤ To you all, enjoy!

New video: last year’s, sorry for the delay

Rafaaaaaaa, I hope you see this video. I’m SO sorry for the delay! I hope you like it! ❤

Cristina’s Celebration of Learning Oral!

Enjoy!! ❤