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New video! Chilling Out at Shisha’s Bar!

In about an hour you’ll be able to see Irene, María & Martina’s performance in their Celebration of Learning Oral (interaction). Thanks, dear women, and sorry for the delay! I had to do some researching! (card at the end), and sorry for the mistake of not including the intro BEFORE the actual performance! But all the bits are there, including Ana’s bit! Hahahah… Enjoy!

Your Exam Results, remember?

Tomorrow afternoon the School will publish your exam results. I know you know but remember you need to check, in case I made a mistake in the registering of the info!

I hope you are listening to English every day! This year was your true beginning and you need to continue with this habit!

Thanks to my old Básico 1 students who remembered our time together and how precious the habit of listening was! I hear they did well in their Básico 2 and Intermedio exams! ❤ Keep learning. Each year brings something different!

See some of you next June 29. I prepared 12 packs for volunteers, and I’m sure you’ll love them!

To everybody, have a lovely bilingual summer!

New video! Describing My House!

It’s more at the intermediate level, but you are English peacelings and can probably manage! Go for it! ❤ Thanks, Salva! ❤

Coeducación: Invitation to meet!!

Would you like to join us?

Read about our FIRST MEETING next June 29! (in Spanish!)

En este post, toda la información!

New Video: What’s in My Fridge?, by Aurora (1ºC)


New video!: Renting a Flat!

A wonderful video and very useful for real life! 😀 ❤ (except for the murder part!)

Today’s: Bios: Leonora Carrington!

This speaking activity by Aurora is not at the Elementary Level (I use it in Avanzado, and Intermedio!), but let’s see if you can understand what she says!