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THIS WEEK. Are you ready for your orals?

Tomorrow there’s class, OK? I’m back! (Mañana hay clase, vale? He vuelto!)

Thanks for your kind and encouraging messages! I truly appreciate! ❤
… vuestros mensajes cariñosos de aliento. Me vinieron muy bien! / Gracias de corazón!

There’s class for 1ºB this Wednesday (tomorrow) and there’s class for 1ºC in two days (dentro de dos días), meaning (esto es) this Thursday.

And for 1ºA semi, as (como…) these adorable students missed (se quedaron sin) yesterday’s once-a-week lesson and couldn’t do their orals, on the platform I offered them the chance to come to class next Thursday too, to do their orals. (You see, on Thursdays I work on the platform so we don’t have face-to-face lessons, but I can catch up on that throughout the week.)

Well, big hug to all! ❤

PS: We’ll also have Tutoría at 9.00 as scheduled, for the people who booked!


What an intense and beautiful day!

Dear students in 1ºC!

Raquel, in 1º semipresencial, is a professional cook. She makes cakes. She works in a bakery in Málaga, called christian. She is a fantastic cook! Today she brought /brot/ the cakes I offered /óferd/ you! I loved /lavd/ the typical Málaga cake. What was its name? Something like “churricasco” or “mochuelo”? A warm thank you for Raquel from us all! ❤

Antonio, in 1º semipresencial, brought special chocolates, with liquor and a cherry inside! Why? Because last Friday was his birthday! So a big thank you for him, too! ❤

Then Lola fixed my basket!! It is perfect now! I can’t believe it! I’m really happy about it! ❤ It was a present by my friend Marie, from Belgium, a Belgian, and she brought it from Africa, so I was a bit sad about my basket! But now, I’m really happy about it! Thanks, Lola! ❤

Ana came back from her trip, and recommended /rikomendid/ a new kind of beer! 😀 ❤

Today we had listening exam practice, and I was very critical with people’s insecurity or fear, as usual! It’s true I get nervous when I see you suffer. It’s the problem with empathy! But you see, I believe that you can learn happily and effectively! So — We need to be patient and to be courageous! We need to work together! And you are very good at that! ❤ You are a very supportive group! Today you were so wonderful! As a group and as individuals! Thank you for staying until we finished the Reading! You were kind and generous!

A big big hug for you all!! ❤


Actualización del Speaking File

Estoy empezando a actualizar el Speaking File, para fusionar los dos documentos que hay (las dos Checklists que hay arriba, en Speaking File) y completar. Os enseño el trabajo actual, para que me digáis si voy bien: los que están metidos bajo uno superior es porque son del mismo tema, y se pueden hacer todos o al menos uno. Mirad a ver… (y cuando la termine, ya os aviso. Mientras id anotando en la que tengáis, y completando a mano lo que falte)

New Page on our blog!

This is the new page for our blog, with information about our course /coors/!

Hope it’s useful!

Your work this week (new)

Monday and Tuesday lessons:

Handing in your Listening Diaries

Doing the October monologue (1.44, 1 or 2)

After the Monday and Tuesday lessons, you have to…

  • Do 2A, including the Vocabulary Bank – except audio 1.55 (this will be a small monologue for November, too, after we do it in class)
  • Do page 14 in 2B, including the Vocabulary Bank.
  • Work on the November monologue “Talking about Myself”. You can do it whenever you are ready, in November!
  • Old work: continue listening to my audios, and the Unit 1 audios, as part of your listening work!

On Thursday (and Monday next week because this Wednesday is a holiday) we’ll work on unit 2: checking your homework, and we’ll do the 1.55 listening activity. I’ll explain adjectives and This is / These are, That is / Those are.

On Friday I’ll check your listening diaries, and next week I’ll announce who is OK in Evaluación Continua and who needs to work a bit more!

Enjoy your bilingual week!

(Edited) Los audios y orales


La semana que viene recojo Listening Diaries el lunes y el martes para los grupos correspondientes. Si no venís, entregad esta semana, o dejadlos tope esos días en Secretaría o Conserjería a mi nombre!

Y PARA ORALES: Los orales para esta semana son:

Diálogo: el que había, creo que 1.39, no? para quienes no lo hicieron

Diálogo nuevo: el de Checking In, de Practical English (estudiado en clase hoy y mañana, pero que empezásteis a escuchar este finde pasado)

Monólogo del mes (estrellita): de Practical English (Rob and/or Jenny), hoy lo vimos en el grupo del lunes y mañana lo veremos en el del martes (no lo escuchéis si posible hasta que lo escuchemos en clase).

Homework – Listening Diary – Orals for next week

First things first, thanks, Lola, for the chocolates to refill the almost-empty basket!! Yummy!


These are all the audios people are working on. / Aquí están todos los audios que está usando la gente (Listening Diary, 30 minutes a day minimum)

Si tenéis dificultades, centraos en los audios del libro que son más sencillos. Lo importante es aprender a decir frases todos los días, y consolidar lo ya aprendido dando un repaso de vez en cuando!


So far (hasta el momento) people are working on:



Other audios in the textbook: all the audios in the Vocabulary Bank, and the Grammar Banks too. Just listen! Do you understand? Learn vocabulary!

NEXT WEEK, FIRST LESSON: People finish doing the dialogue “Asking for/Giving personal information” and we do the Practical English section together in class! You will do the dialogue Checking In.


Recuerdo a quienes se despistan que para no hacer el final de junio/septiembre, aprobamos por EVALUACIÓN CONTINUA. Para ir así, aprendiendo a diario con alegría e ilusión, tenéis que escuchar inglés todos los días un total de 30 min. mínimo, mis audios y los del libro, pues así aprendéis a entender y a hablar pronunciando genial, y tenéis que hacer los orales que hacemos. Los orales de estrella, como el diálogo de 1.39 + 1.40 son los orales mínimos. Cada mes tiene como mínimo un diálogo y un monólogo. El monólogo de estrella vendrá cuando toque y será el de Talking about Myself, creo! (no estoy segura, cierto, veremos! Puede haber cambios).

Thanks for your great work in Small Groups! Next week we can do a “superfly” to doublecheck! ❤

Congrats to everybody for your wonderful learning! Keep it up! ❤