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New video!



Plans for May – End of course!

Next week Monday and Tuesday are a holiday (Tuesday, national; Monday, local).

On our first lesson together, you need to give me the April Listening Diary.

I won’t ask you to give me the May Listening Diary because you have to give me A COPY OF

  • the Writing File CHECKLIST and
  • the Speaking File CHECKLIST

on the day you do your Celebration of Learning Oral and you have to do your Celebration of Learning oral. This oral is a present/gift to us all and to yourself! Show us how much you learned/learnt! ❤ These orals will happen in the two last weeks of May! Book a date!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

When you do this, I’ll give you a piece of paper saying that you passed! For more cases, we’ll comment in class!

Remember: if you want me to check your monologue, give it to me before the last two weeks!!!

About the Celebration of Learning Orals:

You need to prepare a monologue of your own! Watch examples by students in previous courses on our youtube channel. You can also prepare one of the last three monologues in the present: Describing my house, what’s in my fridge or describing a park.

About the dialogue: in pairs, choose a dialogue we learned/learnt, and then add some “chupichup”. Use the dialogues in the Practical English section, or other dialogues in the textbook. You can also prepare a roleplay, or do the dramatized reading of longer dialogues.

And PLEASE: allow me to videoshoot your Orals! Like these adorable people did… (thanks so much again!) so other people can learn from your work! ❤ And so we can show the world that we can learn English in public education!!! ❤ 😀 ❤

New podcast episode!

Homework this week and next week

LISTENING: Include in your February Listening Diary…

the audios in units 4 and 5. In unit 5, listen and listen to 3.3, 3.7, 3.10, 3.11, 3.15, 3.18, 3.19 + DIALOGUE FOR AFTER THE HOLS: 3.17 (BUYING CLOTHES) including this ending:

  • Shop assistante: It’s 44.99
  • You: Just a moment. Here you are.
  • S.A.: Thanks. And here’s your change
  • You: Have a nice day!
  • S.A.: You too. Bye!

my audios: Tricky verbs (here on blog), My Neighbours, My Lifestyles, Likes and dislikes, AND FOR AFTER YOUR HOLS: THE WEATHER IN F.

Plan your listening time!


GRAMMAR BANKS IN UNIT 5 – we’ll check this in our first lesson together!

WRITING FILE: POST-IT NOTES. Download the templates here, if you like. Assorted, if you like! 1 page  with 6 or 8, or as many as you like!

new podcast episode: tricky verbs!

I hope it’s useful!

Our first course video! Thanks, Bea & Jairo!

Fun performance! 😀

Hope you like it! ❤

Your work this week (new)

Monday and Tuesday lessons:

Handing in your Listening Diaries

Doing the October monologue (1.44, 1 or 2)

After the Monday and Tuesday lessons, you have to…

  • Do 2A, including the Vocabulary Bank – except audio 1.55 (this will be a small monologue for November, too, after we do it in class)
  • Do page 14 in 2B, including the Vocabulary Bank.
  • Work on the November monologue “Talking about Myself”. You can do it whenever you are ready, in November!
  • Old work: continue listening to my audios, and the Unit 1 audios, as part of your listening work!

On Thursday (and Monday next week because this Wednesday is a holiday) we’ll work on unit 2: checking your homework, and we’ll do the 1.55 listening activity. I’ll explain adjectives and This is / These are, That is / Those are.

On Friday I’ll check your listening diaries, and next week I’ll announce who is OK in Evaluación Continua and who needs to work a bit more!

Enjoy your bilingual week!