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New Video: What’s in My Fridge?, by Aurora (1ºC)


Dictations! Would you like to take down a dictation?

I have the pleasure to announce a new webpage on María, Irene and Nansi took down a dictation in class, and here are the pics and here is the audio so you can do it too! Enjoy!

New Video: First Celebration of Learning Oral, by Pilar (1ºB)

And congratulations for your baby, dear Pilar! Dear Héctor, welcome to this world! Pilar, we wish you a wonderful recovery! ❤

My apologies. On the Speaking File Checklist

Dear all,

Sorry for the mistake. I can’t understand what happened. I must have deleted it or something!

You can download the March version of your Speaking File Checklist now. It’s 2 pages, yes, Lorena! ❤

Go to our page for that: Speaking File (checklist)

Have a lovely bilingual weekend! Enjoy your listening to English and practicing speaking! ❤

Plans for the rest of the course! Please, read!

About the Writing File. Remember to write more texts for your Writing File next week!

  • May 15/16 is the deadline. This means it will be the last day I can correct your work, so continue giving me your work now.
  • On May 17/18 I will give you back your checked work.
  • Then on May 22/23, you will bring your Writing File with a copy of the checklist for me. We will take pictures! ❤ It will be the Celebration of Writing! ❤

About next week:

Listening Diary. Hand in your April L.D. Continue listening to the pasts, for consolidation, to Giving Directions (mine), and start listening to My House (and The Park, The Fridge, if you like).

Extra listening: as I corrected the exams, I saw that most people don’t know that the verbs of likes and dislikes are followed by a gerund! (-ing). This was the first question in the last exercise. So PLEASE, LISTEN TO MY MONOLOGUE LIKES AND DISLIKES (and one about a friend, too?).

BIRTHDAY. On Tuesday, everybody IS INVITED to our amazing talk on language (see post below). There are no lessons because we are celebrating in this way our 25th anniversary! Please, join us! It’s in IES Fuengirola 1, behind Bioparc, at 6.00 pm. Teachers will be outside our School at 5.30, to go there, too.

LESSONS. The only lesson for the Tuesday group (next Thursday) and the first lesson for the Monday group (on Monday) is for the last monologues in the past, and dialogues on Giving Directions (mine, if possible: At the Language School).

I’ll give you your Spring Practice Test, too. Most people did really well in the four parts. Then, if time allows, I’ll start explaining There is / There are.

For the Monday group, the second lesson will be about Unit 8. I’ll explain There is and There are. We’ll have a look at that and at 8B, because next week you are going to start listening to my audio “My House”.

The Tuesday group should also start listening to my monologue My House.

Textbook. Everybody can start working on 8A, if you like. You don’t have to. Just if you like!

On May 1/2 we’ll continue with unit 8 (you’ll do the oral My House) and I’ll answer your questions about the Final Orals, the Celebration of Learning Orals.

When we finish unit 8 and something in unit 9 I want to explain, you’ll start sharing your Celebration of Learning Orals. We can videoshoot them, too, if you like. You need to bring your Speaking File checklist, a copy for me, on this day. Remember you need to print the latest /leitest/ version! And you need to tell me if you want to pass to second year (coevaluación).

The course ends at the end of May because June is Exam Month.

Passing (Apto). If you hand in your Writing File and your Speaking File, then you can pass (Evaluación continua). If I think I’m not sure about your level, I’ll ask you to come in June, to one, two, or tree tests: the Reading, the Listening and/or the Writing. It depends. But we’ll talk about it, don’t worry.

Work hard and joyfully!!! We only have one more month together! Come on! Then, I’ll give you a plan for the summer, so you can speak English really well in your holidays, and be well prepared for Básico 2! ❤

Last week Evaluación Continua Second Term

This week:

  • Your listening logs (no possible extension of the deadline)
  • A monologue in the past (e.g. My Day Yesterday)
  • Questions and Answers in the past

See link below for Q&A in the past, and Audioweb for mons.

In 1ºB we’ll also review how to answer reading comprehension questions in exams (your homework in 7A about the bios). 1ºC did this last week.

People who dropout of Evaluación Continua but who have been in Evaluación Continua until now, can catch up after the Spring Holiday, by passing the Practice Test I’ll give.

People who are not in Evaluación Continua can come to class, they can take the Spring Practice Test, but they have to come in June to do their final (two days, one for the oral and another for the listening/reading/writing tests).

Homework for this week and next week (Semana Blanca)

Start your March listening log with these few February days. Include these audios, please! You will consolidate the present continuous, the present simple, the modal “can”, and much more! And prepare one of the monologues for our first lesson together later on!


In 5C: 3.10, 3.11 – learn some sentences. 1ºB didn’t get time in class to do it, so do it if you can, or at least listen to the audios, and we’ll review it when we come back to class.

New audios for next week (7 days): Learn one of the two first!

Old audios (consolidation):