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Welcome to the 2017-18 course!

Welcome, everybody! Mis pequenines!!!

I hope this blog is useful!

Sorry about my podcast (the audios). I’m trying to fix it!

(Espero que este blog os sea útil. Siento lo de mi podcast, los audios. Estoy intentando arreglarlo.)


200 non-sexist worded songs for nights out

Cristina’s Celebration of Learning Oral!

Enjoy!! ❤

Coeducación: Invitation to meet!!

Would you like to join us?

Read about our FIRST MEETING next June 29! (in Spanish!)

En este post, toda la información!

Reminder! Grupo de trabajo DIF!

2016-17 C1 Course

The bound-to-be-formed DIF Working Group (Grupo de trabajo Desarrollando inteligencia feminista) is going to meet on June 29 or the 30th (Thurs. or Friday), in the afternoon or evening, depending on people’s preferences. Coming to this informal meeting doesn’t oblige you, so if you are curious or would like to join in, please, send an email to inteligenciafeminista AT gmail DOT com as soon as you can, so we can agree on a date and time! Thanks

Here’s the newly update Announcement Board, which you can actually read by clicking on the pic and using the magnifying glass! 😀

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Nueva info publicada en webs

2016-17 C1 Course

En la web de la EOI Fuengirola – Novedades (link debajo de foto de portada), toda la info de exámenes en junio.

En la web de Coeducación, un cuestionario por si queréis rellenarlo y entregarlo en algún momento antes del fin del curso. Nos ayudaría mucho!

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Talk on language

2016-17 C1 Course

If you missed Eulàlia’s conference, now you can enjoy it! It will probably be a transformative inner experience. If you are lucky, something inside will click and your view on language will become wiser, this is, it will help you trash lots of common misconceptions and unconscious prejudice!

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