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New Video: What’s in My Fridge?, by Aurora (1ºC)


New video!: Renting a Flat!

A wonderful video and very useful for real life! 😀 ❤ (except for the murder part!)

Today’s: Bios: Leonora Carrington!

This speaking activity by Aurora is not at the Elementary Level (I use it in Avanzado, and Intermedio!), but let’s see if you can understand what she says!


Today’s videos! Diana & Fran (1ºB)

Today I’m working hard on this. Here are the first two videos I finished today! ❤

New Video: First Celebration of Learning Oral, by Pilar (1ºB)

And congratulations for your baby, dear Pilar! Dear Héctor, welcome to this world! Pilar, we wish you a wonderful recovery! ❤

My apologies. On the Speaking File Checklist

Dear all,

Sorry for the mistake. I can’t understand what happened. I must have deleted it or something!

You can download the March version of your Speaking File Checklist now. It’s 2 pages, yes, Lorena! ❤

Go to our page for that: Speaking File (checklist)

Have a lovely bilingual weekend! Enjoy your listening to English and practicing speaking! ❤

Diary. Wonderful Project underway!!!

1ºC is going to prepare the Dramatized Reading of the story in 8A and 8B for next Tuesday! And we will videoshoot it!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Wish us best of luck! I bet my life it will be FUN! We even talked about special effects!

1ºC students coming to class today also adopted a book for our feminist library! Bring an euro next week if you wish to write your name as someone who adopted one of the books we bought! ❤

This weekend I’ll publish the video by our now adorable Mummy / Mom. Congrats for your adorable bay bee! ❤