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New video!



Plans for May – End of course!

Next week Monday and Tuesday are a holiday (Tuesday, national; Monday, local).

On our first lesson together, you need to give me the April Listening Diary.

I won’t ask you to give me the May Listening Diary because you have to give me A COPY OF

  • the Writing File CHECKLIST and
  • the Speaking File CHECKLIST

on the day you do your Celebration of Learning Oral and you have to do your Celebration of Learning oral. This oral is a present/gift to us all and to yourself! Show us how much you learned/learnt! ❤ These orals will happen in the two last weeks of May! Book a date!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

When you do this, I’ll give you a piece of paper saying that you passed! For more cases, we’ll comment in class!

Remember: if you want me to check your monologue, give it to me before the last two weeks!!!

About the Celebration of Learning Orals:

You need to prepare a monologue of your own! Watch examples by students in previous courses on our youtube channel. You can also prepare one of the last three monologues in the present: Describing my house, what’s in my fridge or describing a park.

About the dialogue: in pairs, choose a dialogue we learned/learnt, and then add some “chupichup”. Use the dialogues in the Practical English section, or other dialogues in the textbook. You can also prepare a roleplay, or do the dramatized reading of longer dialogues.

And PLEASE: allow me to videoshoot your Orals! Like these adorable people did… (thanks so much again!) so other people can learn from your work! ❤ And so we can show the world that we can learn English in public education!!! ❤ 😀 ❤

New podcast episodes

I recorded these 4 new podcast episodes for Básico 1 semipresencial, for their Writing File, as examples, but they might be useful for you too!

The most recent /rísnt/ episode is from the Travel Phrasebook: At a hotel! Can you understand some of the sentences? It’s for all levels!

Audio to listen to EVERY DAY from now on!

Learn the IRREGULAR PASTS (column 2, see list at the end of your textbook). Repeat also column 3 (the third form of the verb) because you’ll need it next year to form the Present perfect!

The second form, “to go – went – gone” is the past simple, and we ONLY USE IT in affirmative sentences. In negative and interrogative sentences we use the past simple of the AUXILIARY, “do”, which is “DID” and the bare infinitive of the main verb: I didn’t go to the Málaga demo, but I went on strike! 🙂

REGULAR PASTS are easy: just add “(e)d”! But be careful with their pronunciation! ❤

New podcast episode!

Homework this week and next week

LISTENING: Include in your February Listening Diary…

the audios in units 4 and 5. In unit 5, listen and listen to 3.3, 3.7, 3.10, 3.11, 3.15, 3.18, 3.19 + DIALOGUE FOR AFTER THE HOLS: 3.17 (BUYING CLOTHES) including this ending:

  • Shop assistante: It’s 44.99
  • You: Just a moment. Here you are.
  • S.A.: Thanks. And here’s your change
  • You: Have a nice day!
  • S.A.: You too. Bye!

my audios: Tricky verbs (here on blog), My Neighbours, My Lifestyles, Likes and dislikes, AND FOR AFTER YOUR HOLS: THE WEATHER IN F.

Plan your listening time!


GRAMMAR BANKS IN UNIT 5 – we’ll check this in our first lesson together!

WRITING FILE: POST-IT NOTES. Download the templates here, if you like. Assorted, if you like! 1 page  with 6 or 8, or as many as you like!

Plans for upcoming lessons (edited)

Where are we now? We’re in unit 5 and because next week is Semana Blanca, this week we should try to finish the most important exercises in unit 5.

About your listening diaries, you should listen to the audios in units 4 and 5, as usual, especially the important ones! For this week, dialogue “I can’t sleep” in 5B (neighbours). And about my podcast: Likes and dislikes, My Lifestyle, My Neighbours and for Semana Blanca, learn The Weather in Fuengirola and the Dialogue In a Clothes Shop (Practical English). I have also posted Questions and Answers in the Present simple, for your dialogues, and today Tricky Verbs, with Useful language so you can speak English correctly!

About the Writing File. This week you can ask in class! I can explain! ❤ After Semana Santa, I hope everybody hands in the first assignment. After that, it depends on your individual work!

See you soon!