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Cristina’s Celebration of Learning Oral!

Enjoy!! ❤

Miriam’s Celebration of Learning Oral!

A great example of how to focus on the task! Enjoy! ❤

More Celebration of Learning Orals! (videos)

Sorry for taking so long! I’m taking my time, to enjoy it, OK? Yesterday or the day before (I can’t remember just now) I uploaded an amazing OP by a C1 student on feminist storytelling, so this also explains why I made you all wait for so long! Anyway, here’s the first, and I hope I can edit and post the rest (about 6 more I think) by the end of this week! Please, spread the word in your whatsapp groups and wherever you can! These videos are precious! They are helping a lot of people learn English! ❤

New video! What’s in My Fridge? by Big Aurora!

New Video: What’s in My Fridge?, by Aurora (1ºC)


New video!: Renting a Flat!

A wonderful video and very useful for real life! 😀 ❤ (except for the murder part!)

Today’s: Bios: Leonora Carrington!

This speaking activity by Aurora is not at the Elementary Level (I use it in Avanzado, and Intermedio!), but let’s see if you can understand what she says!