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Miriam’s Celebration of Learning Oral!

A great example of how to focus on the task! Enjoy! ❤


Last week Evaluación Continua Second Term

This week:

  • Your listening logs (no possible extension of the deadline)
  • A monologue in the past (e.g. My Day Yesterday)
  • Questions and Answers in the past

See link below for Q&A in the past, and Audioweb for mons.

In 1ºB we’ll also review how to answer reading comprehension questions in exams (your homework in 7A about the bios). 1ºC did this last week.

People who dropout of Evaluación Continua but who have been in Evaluación Continua until now, can catch up after the Spring Holiday, by passing the Practice Test I’ll give.

People who are not in Evaluación Continua can come to class, they can take the Spring Practice Test, but they have to come in June to do their final (two days, one for the oral and another for the listening/reading/writing tests).

New video!: Recipes, for your Speaking & Writing Files!

New Page (look above!)

WRITING FILE EXAMPLES! We start with Victoria’s amazing File! Enjoy!

What’s a home swap?

Read a story about it:

Second post on Loving Andalucía!

Thanks, Victoria, for sharing your work!

Cristina estrena blog! (Loving Andalucía)

Check this out! It’s her article on Fuengirola! Thanks, Cristina! ❤