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New video! Sorry for the delay, Elvira!

I hope you see this post! And I hope you like your video! ❤ To you all, enjoy!


Cristina’s Celebration of Learning Oral!

Enjoy!! ❤

Miriam’s Celebration of Learning Oral!

A great example of how to focus on the task! Enjoy! ❤

More Celebration of Learning Orals! (videos)

Sorry for taking so long! I’m taking my time, to enjoy it, OK? Yesterday or the day before (I can’t remember just now) I uploaded an amazing OP by a C1 student on feminist storytelling, so this also explains why I made you all wait for so long! Anyway, here’s the first, and I hope I can edit and post the rest (about 6 more I think) by the end of this week! Please, spread the word in your whatsapp groups and wherever you can! These videos are precious! They are helping a lot of people learn English! ❤

Anaaaaaa (1ºC)

You forgot your notebook in class! It’s on the tray on my desk. You can come tomorrow any time in the afternoon. I’ll be in class. And on Thursday you can come even if I have the exam for primeros, it’s ok. I’ll just close the door for 30 minutes when we do the listening test. On Friday I’ll have the orals for primero, but I think not many people will come. So you can knock, too!

And if you can’t let me know. I can leave it in Conserjería!

Thanks for the cakes! They were delicious!!! ❤

Thanks, Big Aurora!

Dear Aurora,

Thanks so much for your beautiful present. Lovely home-made cake and a wonderful mug for breakfast! ❤

For you all, you know I’m shy for presents and I prefer orals instead! The best present of all! But Aurora has had a very special year and I understand this present as a kind of hug!

Look! I made a bracelet out of the ribbon! I love it! I’m using it to get strength these days! I need it! Thanks! ❤

My apologies. On the Speaking File Checklist

Dear all,

Sorry for the mistake. I can’t understand what happened. I must have deleted it or something!

You can download the March version of your Speaking File Checklist now. It’s 2 pages, yes, Lorena! ❤

Go to our page for that: Speaking File (checklist)

Have a lovely bilingual weekend! Enjoy your listening to English and practicing speaking! ❤