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New video! Chilling Out at Shisha’s Bar!

In about an hour you’ll be able to see Irene, María & Martina’s performance in their Celebration of Learning Oral (interaction). Thanks, dear women, and sorry for the delay! I had to do some researching! (card at the end), and sorry for the mistake of not including the intro BEFORE the actual performance! But all the bits are there, including Ana’s bit! Hahahah… Enjoy!

New video! Describing My House!

It’s more at the intermediate level, but you are English peacelings and can probably manage! Go for it! ❤ Thanks, Salva! ❤

New video!!! Murder in the Country House

Thanks to 1ºC for this fun present! ❤

New Video: First Celebration of Learning Oral, by Pilar (1ºB)

And congratulations for your baby, dear Pilar! Dear Héctor, welcome to this world! Pilar, we wish you a wonderful recovery! ❤

A 1987 album that stands time – amazing songs

March 8, International Women’s Day!

You can read the letter I’m sending the authorities to tell them I’m on a strike today!

Remember to watch: Ellas pintan mucho (8 razones para el 8 de marzo) – by primary students

New videos! Básico 2

Today Charo and I worked some more on our AMAZING youtube channel, and we uploaded /ap-loudid/ an AMAZING video edited by its protagonists, three ADORABLE students!


Another new video! Another adorable student helping out, so we can all learn!